Can I align numerals in Freight Sans

Can anyone help here? I'm trying to persuade a client to use Freight Sans which I believe fits better with their brand, however they've got hung up on the non-aligning numerals and I can't seem to find an easy way to set them aligned in our print. Maybe it's not possible... if that's the case, does anyone have a work around or any ideas to help sell them back to the client?!

Any thought appreciated.


How can I achieve consistent visual alignment with lowercase letters?

I know. The subject is a mess but as a typography noob, I just didn't know how else to word my issue. Perhaps an image would be better.

I need the entire alphabet visually aligned within the orange box above. This font, as with many others, does not align with a text box, which then requirs manual nudging.

I'm building a website that utilizes a user's input text (e.g. "h") that would impose on this design. The problem is that because the letters all align differently, it is causing a terrible output.

My question (to this fine typophile community): Is there some setting or attribute about a font I should look for to achieve what I am after? Are my hopes and dreams about automatic visual alignment simply that; hopes and dreams?