Nova Mono


Nova Mono is a monospaced font designed for programmers. It takes the best of programming specific fonts as well as book fonts and attempts to bring them together. This font is heavily inspired by many of the existing monospaced fonts especially Consolas and Pragmata.

Byrd & Belle Logotype

Hey typophiles, I've got another logotype that near to completion. This one has been really difficult for me so I really need your guys eyes on this.

I've been asked to create a logotype for a wool felt and leather iPhone, iPad, MacBook Sleeve accessory maker who also makes really nice leather bags. She has become very popular on Etsy and has created quite a name for herself, and thought it was time to get a custom mark. She was formerly an architect and applies her clean modern aesthetic to all her pieces. She asked me to create a custom logotype that would reflect her taste and design ethos.



Hi everyone,

I would love a critique of the typeface I'm developing for my honours project this year. The two fonts below are the display cuts in an extra-bold and light weight. It's going to be used as part of an identity system for an artist-run initiative in Melbourne. Previously they were using Reader for headlines and Parry Grotesque for body copy. The naivety and clunkiness of early British grotesques was the formal starting point.

This is my first proper foray in to type design and I've yet to go through kerning pairs so forgive any awkward combinations. Love to hear your impressions, criticism, suggestions.


Five faces I would like to see

Often here on Typophile’s Critique forums are presented some beautiful typefaces.
As it happens, some of them gather a good deal of attention, while others will receive just a comment or two.
What I very rarely have seen happening is the designer coming back to the thread announcing the release of the font.
That said, here’s a short chronological list of fonts I would really like to see released in my lifetime:

Epic Type

Hello, this is my first post here.
I would like to have some critique about my tumblr Epic Type. This is personal training for lettering, type drawing and typographic composition, that is why I need your feedback. I use Inkscape to make this compositions.
As you can understand, my goal is not to make font families but to create font specimens. Because I'm not ready yet to draw a entire typeface, I made this blog as a training place.
Please tell me what do you think about it.

Outlier Italic: Feedback Please. First Typeface


This is a very quick and rough (very rough) draft of my typeface. I was just looking for feedback and everyones first impressions keep in mind this is my first typeface and I am relatively new to the process.

I have currently only done the lowercase just because I'm not 100% sure what direction I should be going in. I was going for an italic serif loosely based off of Bodoni and I tried to go with the Old style/ Transitional style.

First impression, critique, technical aspects any comment will be helpful thank you.

I'm really having trouble with c/e/f/y/k/s/ but of course I will take any advice on all or any of the letters.

Logo critique: Rookie designer - IT, web hosting company

Hi there this is my first post-
Rookie designer looking for some critique/ feedback on these logos.

This is a re-brand for an established IT help desk company
which is looking to promote the web hosting side of their business.

They're present branding includes the red colour, with just text (arial i think)
I'd unfotrunately like to stick with only the fonts you get free on a standard mac.

I would like to present a maximum of 3 logos to the client,
not got the confidence yet to decide for myself whats best.

Any feedback welcome, just your top 1 or 2 logos
some finish work needed on all logos

"Normandie" and "Normandie Text" - Fonts up for Critique


"Normandie" is a new Art Deco / industrial sans font I've designed, named after the 1930's French ocean liner SS Normandie. I currently have nine weights done, though next I'm planning on adding a set of italics as well as perhaps a condensed variant.

Since Normandie is really only designed to work at display sizes, I've also designed a "companion", called "Normandie Text". I've toned down some of the more eccentric pieces of the original Normandie design, enlarged the x-height, slightly condensed the uppercase and altered the forms slightly to make it less "geometric". The hope is that this will read well at text sizes while still acting as a "little brother" to Normandie.

Let me know what you think!

"Roster" - New Font up for Critique


I've been working on this font for about 5 months, and I figure it's about time to get some fresh eyes on it. It's designed to work at both text and display sizes -- my goal is for it to be bold and interesting at large sizes but be extremely legible at small sizes while taking up the least amount of room.

I currently have seven different weights, though I am also planning on doing a set of obliques (I will probably do true italic characters as alternates, or vice-versa) as well as small caps/fractions/old-style figures/other OpenType features.

Let me know what you think!

Forsight Logo Critique

Hello all,

Below is a logo about which I'd like to get your professional opinions. Many of the letterforms were redrawn and I'm now too close to it to see its inconsistencies. I'm looking for any constructive recommendations about refining the details (stroke width consistency, kerning, etc.)

Stylistically speaking, the logo will not be changed, but I suppose I could hear any related comments there, too.

Thanks kindly,



Hi all,

I've been working on and off on this typeface for the last few months. While I did start creating one a few years ago, I'd consider this my first "real" attempt at a full font. While a lot of the details are more suited to display purposes, I'm also trying to make it work at smaller sizes (maybe a separate text version?).

I haven't really shown it to many people yet and I'd like to know what you think and if it's worth continuing with. I'm mainly concerned about it looking too amateur-ish and wanted to know if there are any glaring beginner mistakes/things I've missed.

Brevier Ten


Hi! :)

Here is my first approach on type design. It's a friendy sans serif font with slightly rounded corners, large x-height and wide lettershapes. It's name says it all – designed to be used for body copy in magazines in around 10 point size.

Because it is supposed to be used in print, it lacks of proper hinting (autohinting only actually), so tons of hinting errors may occur. Sorry for that. I hope I can improve hinting as soon as I find some advice how to hint a font properly. See (or even better print) the pdf for a better view on Brevier Ten.

Brevier Ten features some OpenType functionalities like ligatures, discretional ligatures, contextual replacements, lining and old style numbers, caps, historical forms and ISO-Latin 1-3 Glyphs.

Typography Tattoo Help

I was hoping that you guys could help me out. I am by no means a typographer of any sort, so I was hoping to get your help. I would like to get the following verse in a tattoo on my right calf, and was hoping I could get your opinions on fonts, spacing, kerning and all that good stuff.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

That is the verse I was planning on, and I was hoping to run it just under half way around my calf and then rap to the next line, so I'm guessing it would have to be about 16pt, hoping for no longer than 3 lines long... I don't know if this would be adequate information.. That would make the width about 3.5 to 4 inches across..

Implodium Ultra Compressed


Hey, so I've had a love for typography for years, but have just started getting into designing fonts. I bought a copy of TypeTool for Christmas and I've been itching to get started. My first font idea came from a CD cover I designed for a Christmas present this year. I wanted to have the word "SMASH" in a cartoony, ultra-condensed font that would take up the whole cover, both horizontally and vertically. I couldn't find anything out there that was compressed enough for this job, so I ended up drawing my own type for it in Illustrator. When I started thinking about designing my first font, I figured if I couldn't find anything like this, maybe there will be someone else looking for a font like this to fill a design need so I thought I'd flesh it out and see how it took.

Self-branding Logotype

Hello! My name is Rickard and this is my first post here at typohile. I'm excited to join this forum, not only to observe but also to learn more about the world of typography!

I am from Sweden so please bare in mind my fairly incomplete language skills.

I this a good start on the forum is to show a thing that I have done and with some luck get one good thought or two from you guys. I am talking about my very own logotype for my name, also soon to be my website and all-around self-brand.

Take a look and tell me what you think. I was aiming for a sleek and rather elegant feel. Also I tried to have complexity in mind and avoid to advanced techniques. As you see it's rather simple. Too simple maybe? Does it need a background?

Thanks in Advance!