Hi there!

Does anyone know what typeface is used for "and nobody noticed the mouse" ?
Many thanks in advance for any help or pointers you can give.

I need to know the name of the font used in the announcement shown here. Your help is appreciated.

I'm looking to find the font for Freakazoid title from the show's logo.

Any help greatly appreciated. :)

Hey, so I've had a love for typography for years, but have just started getting into designing fonts. I bought a copy of TypeTool for Christmas and I've been itching to get started. My first font idea came from a CD cover I designed for a Christmas present this year. I wanted to have the word "SMASH" in a cartoony, ultra-condensed font that would take up the whole cover, both horizontally and vertically. I couldn't find anything out there that was compressed enough for this job, so I ended up drawing my own type for it in Illustrator. When I started thinking about designing my first font, I figured if I couldn't find anything like this, maybe there will be someone else looking for a font like this to fill a design need so I thought I'd flesh it out and see how it took.

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