caslon revival

Which early 1900s »old style« Caslon revival is this?

This is from a 2008 political science book published in Germany. It is pretty decently designed, compared to most other publications in its academic field, the typographic standard of which is pretty low these days IMHO (in Germany, that is).

(sorry, no better qualitiy available)

The typeface used looks one of those Caslon revivals, c. 1900; Binny/Bruce/Monotype »Old Style«, etc.: the T, E, the g, the Q, the numerals... but which one is it? Monotype Old Style is close, but it's not quite it. I've had a look at several »proper« Caslons, but none of them had that Q. What's weird about this book, by the way, is that there's no italics it.