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Critique please! Stubbed serif typeface


This is my first attempt at a typeface which isn't based on a grid or systems based approach. I'm very much a beginner at typeface design but looking to improve as quickly as possible so please criticise as much as you feel like.

The typeface is tentatively named Solzhenitsyn after the book with the lettering that it is based off. The lettering in question should be below.

I loved the caps on the title and wanted to try to create a full alphabet from this. My first very rough drafts are below and a pdf is attached for a closer look.

A quick all caps print test.

Untitled Grotesque


This is my first post, so: Hello! I'm not a type designer by trade, but I've been interested in typography for 25 years. A few months ago, I finally bought Glyphs and started noodling around. I had no goal, and wasn't looking at any references, but what came out was this friendly blend of Avenir and Akzidenz, with capitals that are more upright and American. Somehow, the more I tried to remove my own hand, the more of a self portrait it became. Has anyone experienced that?

Anyway, it has already been a fascinating process, but at this point, I'd love some feedback. I'm open to any type of comment or critique. I have 3 masters so far.



"Earthbound" font (as far as an amateur could go with it)



Beginner here, playing with font development tools. I made (so far as my skill is able) and released a font yon:

[URL removed my moderator]

As it says there, it is a "blend" of "Ubuntu Bold" and "Mr. Giacco Bold."

I welcome comments and feedback, as I'm curious what may need help with this. Although I probably wouldn't be able to implement feedback; my hope is that if anyone has a fancy for this, they'll use it as inspiration or a basis for something production-grade (whether it's usable for production, I have no idea).

All of the source files are in the .zip distribution archive yon; attached here is a (very many-page) .pdf sample, as well as a .png sample showing all the glyphs.


[Attachments removed my moderator]

Beginner lettering

Hey guys.

Here's a sample of some lettering I've been working on. I would love some feedback!
I'm a beginner when it comes to designing letterforms, this is one of my first renders in illustrator.
If you have any tips or comments or woes, please share.


What letters to start with?



I'm not a graphic designer by trade but I have decided to create my own font. I have been doing some research and initial drawing (see http://www.doppel-n.com) but I was wondering what letters I should start with in terms of "setting up" the alphabet. I imagine if certain shapes are settled they can be reused for similar letters. Help is very much appreciated.


Critique required for beginner's sans


This is my first attempt at designing a (very rudimentary) typeface.

I've used a simple system where each letter is based on the letter "o" – although I'm aware that such a rigid approach is problematic to say the least. (I've tweaked only a few letters so far.)

All feedback on further alterations I need to consider, etc, would be much appreciated, thanks.

Beginner font packages comparison



I am a student, currently in the process of purchasing my first font pack. After doing some research on this forum I came across two particular options that seems to fit what I need

Adobe FontFolio Education Essentials,


the 1000 fonts from bitstream that are stored with CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5

now my question is which would be better for someone in my position?

Should I stick with the Adobe collection because of the versatility of it's collection, or get the CorelDraw fonts because of the vast immensity in the scale of what it offers? Which of the two would offer me a better ground as far as building up my skills, and collection from?

Type design books for starters?

Hey all,
this question is probably asked a dozen times before, but I did a (very) quick search and didn’t find anything relevant.

I’ve long been a big fan of fonts and typography. But lately I’m interested in learning more about it. And more specifically type design. So I’ve been reading and looking all over the internet for more info. But I’m getting a bit lost in here. So. To have a better understanding of what I’m looking for, I’m now interested in buying a good book on the basics of type design. Oh and it would also be good if it doesn’t only contains the basics, and goes even further on the more advanced stuff.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Any must-read internet links on the subject (for beginners) are always appreciated.

new member


Just to say hello to this forum. I am a new member and this site seems appealing for us, junior graphic designers, who understand typography is one of the most important feature of the works we make. I am here to perfect my understanding and application of typography.

see you around


Implodium Ultra Compressed


Hey, so I've had a love for typography for years, but have just started getting into designing fonts. I bought a copy of TypeTool for Christmas and I've been itching to get started. My first font idea came from a CD cover I designed for a Christmas present this year. I wanted to have the word "SMASH" in a cartoony, ultra-condensed font that would take up the whole cover, both horizontally and vertically. I couldn't find anything out there that was compressed enough for this job, so I ended up drawing my own type for it in Illustrator. When I started thinking about designing my first font, I figured if I couldn't find anything like this, maybe there will be someone else looking for a font like this to fill a design need so I thought I'd flesh it out and see how it took.