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generating font for hebrew, cyrillic & latin1

Hi everybody,

Im working on a font that includes latin1, hebrew and cyrillic.
I already designed all the glyphs. Now I need to know what should I do before generating the font.
I know is a big question, Im sorry, Im really lost in this step.


How to equally distribute space between nodes in FL?


Well, the title says it all.
Illustrator has this function that equally distributes space between selected nodes.

And I can't seem to find one in FL5. Searched in the manual, in the internets - no luck.
That would save me lots of time without needing to measure space between nodes, divide it by 2 and then position third node in the middle manually.

My first Zine


Hey everyone.

I just published my first Zine-it's free and is supposed to be published online!

You may or may not like it. If you don't, please tell me what's wrong with it. But here's the finished design and copy, all set in beautiful Futura.

Go nuts and share it with everyone if you like it enough,


Kerning. Where to begin?



My first font. So far I made all the glyphs of all the 6 families of my font and spaced them as best as I could. Created oldstyle-, ornament-, smallcaps-, ligatures- and discretionary ligature features.

Now come the tidious part I understand. Kerning. What is the best way to go about it??
I was thinking about beginning to kern the Capital A next to lowercase glyphs with classes.
then B, C, etc. etc.

Question 1:
If I do it this way, can I work with classes in the kerning panel? Like this:

_kern1: A' @_lc @_sc

Question 2:

If I want to kern the lowercase a next to the capital A, do I have to drag in all of the a-diacretics symbols as well? Or do those composite glyphs just follow a when it is kerned