I'm trying to build a photo collection of Palatino in use (for a school assignment). If you know of any resources that feature Palatino, or have some of your own, I'd be very appreciative if you'd be willing to post those here to help me collect a number of examples. Outside of specimen sheets it can really be anything - signage, posters, book text, on-screen use, etc.

Thanks for your help!

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Today, Monotype announced the release of a collection of typefaces designed for digital reading environments, including e-books, web content, mobile applications, digital publications and online newspapers. Device manufacturers, digital publishers and Web designers can now turn to a selection that includes some of the most popular text faces used in print – designed and tuned for exceptional readability on e-readers, tablets, smartphones and other web-enabled devices.

Monotype’s initial collection includes multiple weights of nine typeface families, designated for digital publishing:

Hi All!

I met this beautiful, condensed italic font (serif, but not very much) in my (previous) paperback edition of [The Design of Everyday Things] (wonderful book, BTW); but I cannot exactly identify the font.

The Good, the Bad, the... Malformed.

Which cut of Palatino has the best ogoneks?

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