Kerning Fontforge Idiot

Fontforge problem: Kerning doesn't work.


Hello everybody!
I'm having a huge problem in Fontforge. I'm an absolute beginner at typography so please have mercy.

What I tried to do was creating a type from hand-drawn letters. I used Illustrator to create a 'svg' file and transported the letters to Fontforge. I created every capital letters, every small letter, a period, question mark and some other extrema.

I did the kerning manually without autokerning (I'm not used to this kind of thing so I won't be able to explain it in full detail).
When I was finished I generated a truetype font. Sadly there is little to no kerning visible and I'm doubting the kerning applies at all. I need this font for a project so it's really urgent.

I'm using WIndows XP nd apparently Fontforge version 1 if this is of any help.