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square sans

Legibell: a semi-sans typeface


Hello fellow Typophiles!
My name is Jordan Bell and I have been working on this Sans for about 3 months now. I study graphic design and typography at Abilene Christian University as a junior and have taken an Intro to Typography course. I realized at the beginning of this semester that I am hopelessly obsessed with typography. So, I started drawing! It started with sketches inspired by fonts such as Info, Dekar, Titillium, and Klavika. I then decided to try to learn how to use Fontlab Studio 5. After reading lots of reviews, tutorials, and blogs, I started drawing in Fontlab and Illustrator. In other words, I am a beginner.

(x) Industrial Caps from a Nikon Manual - Futura, Stymie, handdrawn/similar to Refrigerator, Filmotype Glenlake {Lex}

Hello fine typophiles!

I've got an old manual here for a Nikon Motor Drive. I'm entirely enamored of the large, structural capitals reading 'MD-4' - does anyone happen to recognize this face?