square sans

This is my new typeface Turbine. It will be part of the fontfont family soon but I think it is still a lot of work to do. The idea is quite simple: A squarish grotesk with open apertures. I would be very happy to get some comments and suggestions.

Can someone identify this headline font from wired magazine.

Hello fellow Typophiles!
My name is Jordan Bell and I have been working on this Sans for about 3 months now. I study graphic design and typography at Abilene Christian University as a junior and have taken an Intro to Typography course. I realized at the beginning of this semester that I am hopelessly obsessed with typography. So, I started drawing! It started with sketches inspired by fonts such as Info, Dekar, Titillium, and Klavika. I then decided to try to learn how to use Fontlab Studio 5. After reading lots of reviews, tutorials, and blogs, I started drawing in Fontlab and Illustrator. In other words, I am a beginner.

So, I'm absolutely sure that the name of this font is Francis, but that's it. I can't seem to find where it came from, who made it, or where I purchase a copy of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Further to earlier discussions about SF movie designers’ inability to think beyond Bank Gothic and Eurostile...



Hello fine typophiles!

I've got an old manual here for a Nikon Motor Drive. I'm entirely enamored of the large, structural capitals reading 'MD-4' - does anyone happen to recognize this face?



This font family remind me DIN but more rounded in proportion.
What this font?


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