character design

Online Resources?


Hello again,

Are there any online resources that deal with character shapes and tips on designing them? I'm looking for something similar to "Designing Type" by Karen Cheng and the tips presented in (optical corrections, balance, and so on).

Besides of the general knowledge I'll get by reading that kind of material, I'm hoping to find info to deal with a problem I'm facing: character "w" in small sizes looks black, heavy, like a dot in a sea of grey lines. I guess there should be some info around regarding this.


Characters' sizes guide?


Hello everybody!

Just a quick question: Is there such a things as a guide to typical or standard character sizes? I'm in the process of creating a new typeface and I'm having trouble deciding on the width of some characters in relation to each other... for example, what's the typical length of the minus hyphen compared to the m dash? And the plus character? And so on and so on... Some very good info is in the "Character design standards" Microsoft Typography site, but no info on widths/proportions.

Also, any resource listing all the characters that "need" to be included in a font? My typeface will be Latin and Cyrillic and I'm using other fonts to look at which characters to include.