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Customization Services on ebay: Turn things into non-suicidal fonts

Turn various things you use and buy to non-suicidal fonts using ebay
for example at www.ebay.co.uk / www.ebay.com

Do not use the suicidal k/K shaped letter and instead use non-suicidal
क/क shaped letter. Go on ebay internet site and in the search area
put ‘custom font’ or similar and a bunch of customization services for
things should get listed.

Examples of customization things:
Iron on transfer to use on any materials £2.99 excluding postage
Personalized name badge £1.99 excluding postage
Personalised T-shirt £9.99 excluding postage
Customized letter / number sign £9.95 each excluding postage
Custom font decals £2.65 excluding postage
Customized plastic letters and numbers £0.99 each excluding postage