Re: Font Legalities


Hello. This is my first post so please take it easy on me!

I was wondering if it was legal at all to take a font file, export a handful of characters from it and use it on a website? To be clear, I'm talking about commercial fonts like "Century Gothic", for example, and by "use it on a website", I mean hosting a 5-character font file and distributing it to visitors to the site.


PS: Can you recommend any good font editors/creators for Linux? Cheers.

Licensing and Purchasing for Business Owner - Individual or Company?


Hello all!

After years of lurking, I came across a real-life licensing pothole and figured this was the best crowd to ask.

I am a designer and small-business owner that has 2 LLCs to my name. I have purchased single-machine licenses in the past for type that I would use for my design business - graphics that I would create and sell. Now that the second LLC has opened, I am looking at an interesting dilemma.

Webfont Blacklist

I'm regularly stumbling upon websties which are using webfonts from which I certainly know that they are not available for web-licensing yet. Or in other cases I see poorly rendered versions of iconic typefaces and the CSS tells me that this must be FontSquirrel outputs.
How should I address this problem? Playing police and reporting this to my type-design colleges?
(I might do that, if they are my direct friends or employers, but for the rest I don't like to be this guy.)

Shouldn't there be a kind of blacklist where such websites can be submitted?
If interested in hunting violation, foundries could browse through it themselves.
This might also create some awareness under web-developers who mostly are not interested in such "boring" details but rather discuss workarounds: