Slab Serif for Watercolor Logo?



I'm designing a logo for a school project that is for a bird sanctuary. I am doing a watercolor wing,
and would like to figure out the proper type to go with it. I like the contrast between having
a watercolor with a slab serif, but want to see what others think.

The name is called:

Arbutus Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Font for Poster with Watercolor


I'm currently working on an event poster for a Fashion Show that will feature graphics that have an almost watercolor feel to them. However, I'm having trouble finding a font that's really a perfect feel to accompany it.

The image is very soft, floral and spring, but I do want a more modern feeling font to counterbalance this and ensure the poster doesn't run too old.

Does anyone have any ideas about fonts that would interact well with watercolor images that aren't script?