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Looking for a couple of fonts

Hi all,

I am designing an essay book: 11 x 17 cm. I would like to give it an avant-garde look, a kind of mix between russian constructivism and the german avant garde in Germany in the 30's. El Lissitzky, John Heartfield, Bauhaus… The best example of what I am looking for is Cristiana Couceiro, two images attached.


So, I am looking for a couple of fonts working well together. I was thinking why essay books usually use serif fonts for body text, and sans —in case of using a sans— only for titles and page numbers. Is there a rule or is ok to use a serif for titles and sans for body text? In both cases, which fonts could give this look?



I found this specimen on an old Vogue magazine cover from 1936.
I'm mostly interested in the humanist antiqua at the bottom (please scroll to the right), but if any of you guys would identify the ones above I would de more than happy.

Keep up the good work!

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