(x) The New Garden - NEW Madison Square Garden Flash Site typeface - Trade Gothic {Ryuk}

Hello All,

Looking to identify the primary typeface used on this site:

It resembles New Republic but the characters are wider & there is a noticeable difference between the "S"
and New Republic's "S". This also seems to be a "light" type version & I do believe New Republic does not
have a light version.

Once the site load's select the center option "THE SUITE EXPERIENCE" once all of the animation finishes you'll
see a title (top left) "SUITES AT THE GARDEN" it's a great example of the differences between the "S" character.

Any help in identifying this typeface would be much appreciated.

Local Gardener logo - Critique please?

Hi there,

Just joined up in the hope of getting some constructive criticism of a logo project I am working on. There is no budget, I am not a professional but enjoy typography and am trying to help a guy out.

It's for a one man local gardener - maintenance, pruning, lawns, minor landscaping etc in a medium sized town of reasonable average affluence! It would potentially be used for business cards and on a van.

Some fonts I played with were a bit too formal and I ended up on Lithos pro - I feel it has a slightly 'nature/organic' feel without being too childish. The current font used on the chap's cards is Comic Sans so I figure anything is better than that.