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Source Sans Pro

News Gothic and Source Sans Pro

Hi, I would like som opinions on my work combining the classic News Gothic typeface with the modern face Source Sans Pro by Paul Hunt on my website. I think the two pair well together, due to e g similar x-height, but I'm sure you guys have some valuable feedback. What do you think? http://lindesvard.se

More readable webfont alternative to Source Sans?


We recently designed our iPhone app to use Source Sans Pro as its interface / body text typeface, and we've been attempting to redesign our website to match, but we're finding that while Source Sans works brilliantly on a Retina Display, it's much less appealing at the DPI of a typical computer screen - feels very muddy and cluttered.

So: can anybody recommend a webfont (paid is fine, just has to be available as a webfont) with a similar feel to Source Sans that performs better for website body text? Thanks.

Looking for serif font for headings. I'll be using Source Sans Pro for body text.


I was using PT Serif (for headings) and PT Sans (for body text) and I was satisfied... but when I saw Source Sans Pro I knew it was time for a change, but I can't find any good serif font (for headings) without ending up with an ugly, artificial etc. combination. I may be an amateur in this, but I think I know when something looks ugly. For example: in PT Serif (headings) + Source Sans Pro (body text) combination uppercase "J"s just "can't stand eachother"). I intend to use it at home and for writing some reports at work - nothing too long (there will be some tables too). Both printed and on-screen "performance" is important. Fonts with SIL Open Font License are strongly prefered (I bought MS Office and I just don't want to buy any more fonts at this time).