Source Sans Pro

For something of gigglesworth, head over to the Open Font Library and check out these two lolcats by yrs truly. Yes, You Can Has Cheezburger. They do have warts, but at least they aren’t completely borken.

Hi, I would like som opinions on my work combining the classic News Gothic typeface with the modern face Source Sans Pro by Paul Hunt on my website. I think the two pair well together, due to e g similar x-height, but I'm sure you guys have some valuable feedback. What do you think?

We recently designed our iPhone app to use Source Sans Pro as its interface / body text typeface, and we've been attempting to redesign our website to match, but we're finding that while Source Sans works brilliantly on a Retina Display, it's much less appealing at the DPI of a typical computer screen - feels very muddy and cluttered.

So: can anybody recommend a webfont (paid is fine, just has to be available as a webfont) with a similar feel to Source Sans that performs better for website body text? Thanks.

I was using PT Serif (for headings) and PT Sans (for body text) and I was satisfied... but when I saw Source Sans Pro I knew it was time for a change, but I can't find any good serif font (for headings) without ending up with an ugly, artificial etc. combination. I may be an amateur in this, but I think I know when something looks ugly. For example: in PT Serif (headings) + Source Sans Pro (body text) combination uppercase "J"s just "can't stand eachother"). I intend to use it at home and for writing some reports at work - nothing too long (there will be some tables too). Both printed and on-screen "performance" is important. Fonts with SIL Open Font License are strongly prefered (I bought MS Office and I just don't want to buy any more fonts at this time).

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