book type copyright

Futura XBlkCn BT - Copyright


I have a question regarding the Font Family Futura - in particular the font Futura XBlkCn BT.

To be more precise I want to know if this font is allowed to use in Logos etc.?

I am literally searching the hell out of google to find a proper answer for this, unfortunately not with a satisfying answer. What I found out until now is that the font family from futura is not per definition protected for any use in a logo or a corporate identity. According to my research futura itself is "public domain", which means (at least in my understanding) that this font should be free for corporate use or did I understood that wrong?

Actually I am a bit concerned since a friend of mine informed me that the brand "Absolut - Vodka" is using a similar font for their corp-identity.....

Images of type

Hi, I´m wondering about using images of type in books/magazines.
I´m thinking of making a book on type, but I´m not sure to what extent I can include images and/or type specimens of contemporary type (living designers). Do I have to ask every designer for permission first?
Does anyone knows about the copyright in this concern? Thank you..!