optical kerning

can you "force" optical kerning in a font? (fontographer)


I am trying to "fix" a font in fontographer, the problem is that the characters are set too wide apart and unless I turn on optical kerning in PS/InD it looks like a disaster. Since I have to pass the font to the client to use for titles in presentations etc. I want to try to fix these issues so they don't have to manally set these properties, and most of the software they use (PPT etc) don't even have those options.

I managed to fix the tracking issue, but not the kerning - is it possible to somehow "force" optical kerning when I export the modified font?
I'm not that good at Fontographer so I'd try to avoid manually setting the kerning for all characters + I think it would take me 2 weeks to finish it and it would still look bad.. :)

Thanks in advance!