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Helvetica – the definitive version?


Hello all,

I've had a check through previous posts but not found this exact topic, please redirect me if there is.

So what is your chosen version of Helvetica? Or should I say Helvetica Neue (as most people will be using as opposed to the original digit 'cut').

From working at various design agencies, studios, other people's computers etc I have probably used every version of Helvetica going. There are many, plus now we also have Christian Schwarz's digitized Neue Haas Grotesk to content with. But is it possible to advise and settle the issue? Is one foundry's version objectively the best?

Please discuss!



type foundries in the beginning of print

I'm currently working on an essays about the christian Hebrew typographer named Guillaume Le Be from the 16th century, and i want to elaborate about the profession of type design and type foundries. As i understood, the first type designers were craftsmen, often jewelers who were commissioned to create the letters by the printers/publishers. Then, in some point in history, type foundries were created and supplied type for the printers.

What i need is a good online source which i can cite and reference, dealing with this transition from sole craftsmanship to the commercial type foundry.