font ID identification typeface sans serif

A designer used silent hell of cheryl's lowercase font
found here:


to create her logo. She stretched and manipulated it, but I'd like the figure out what this "grundge" font
is based off of. The original sans serif version before it had the degraded effect.

I have attached a sample.

Can anyone help me figure out what this fonts is? I have try all the search engine and font identifiers.

I think I know the top font. I need help with the bottom "QUARTER HORSES". I think its a geometric san serif, but this has lowercase letter as caps. HELP!

i need some help to identify the font on this poster:

there are juste a few letters readable, but the lower case a is quite specific. any idea?
this poster was designed by Gene Federico 1959 for Aiga.
thanks for your help.


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