Which sans-serif to pair with Chaparral Pro?

I need help pairing Chaparral Pro (body text) with a sans-serif (headlines) for my design blog. Chaparral looks very delicate to me with its interesting curves and I love it, so I need a typeface that will complement it.

I have seen it paired with Proxima Nova a lot, but I would like to go with something different. I like how it looks combined with Brandon Grotesque. Seems to me that it complements Chaparral when in all-caps, but not sure if it's overwhelming otherwise (screenshot of my testing page attached). Other types I have been experimenting with are Futura PT (as a total contrast), then Camingo DOS and FacitWeb. However I am not sure if these are really good matches, or it's just my subjective view.

Do some these really work, or you have some other recommendation?