Eskorte is a hardworking Latin-Arabic type family with an uncomplicated, regular appearance that conveys a crisp, businesslike tone. Its compact range of styles has been designed for easy use by non-designers in offices of legal and academic institutions, and corporate environments. Eskorte supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and over ninety languages using the Latin script.

The various styles were designed together, resulting in a smooth, coherent style across the family. The italics take on livelier, more fluid forms that echo the design of the Arabic, allowing them to sit perfectly together, while the extrabold adds punch to official announcements and notices.

The Arabic was designed in consultation with Titus Nemeth.

Opinion on Elena font for print

Elena is an attractive font for mobile devices, but I am curious how it works for printed output for books or papers. It seems to have a nice italic, and many of the classic typefaces have only fair (Baskerville, minion, documenta) or poor (old style 7) italic fonts. I personally like quadraat, dolly, and mercury, And trinite italics. Since I have only seen Elena on an iPad, I do not know how it would work in print. Thanks.