Benedict Sans ? - A first attempt at Sans Serifs


After reading a few old posts about appropriate sans serifs to accompany classic serifs, I decided to make an attempt at designing a sans serif to accompany the Benedictine Pro face. Tentatively named Benedict Sans, here's what has been done so far for the regular weight (to be followed by book and bold):

Thanks in advance for your attention. And have a nice summer ...

Benedictine Pro Family - Under Development by Alter Littera


I have been loving the Benedictine face since I first saw it a few months ago on pages 30-31 of McGrew's American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century. I searched once and again for information about it on the Internet, and, apart from a couple of sample images, I could only find (naturally) an old but quite revealing post on Typophile, and, of course, that wonderful manual on typography by Mergenthaler Linotype from 1923.

Given that no one seems to have carried the remarkable beauty of the Benedictine family (an apparently forgotten gem) into the modern OpenType world, I decided to do it myself ...