Better term for "Virtual Typefaces"? Wikipedia category

Hey guys,

So, somebody on Wikipedia has been fairly successfully propagating the label "virtual typefaces" for what I would call digital typefaces or digital fonts. That category has been getting applied to many typefaces, apparently the distinction being that they are *only* available in digital form, and were not phototype or metal typefaces.

So, two related questions:

1) I might argue that every typeface that is available in digital form should also get the same label (whatever that label is). Agree or disagree?

2) I think the label "virtual typeface" is silly. Nobody uses that term that I am aware of, except this one person. The actual link redirects to "computer font." Some possible labels:

  • Computer typeface
  • Digital typeface

Wikipedia, Bell and Scotch Roman

I was looking at the Wikipedia entry on Bell and some of what it says seems a bit weird. First of all, it describes it as "the first Scotch Roman face". Does that seem right? I thought Scotch Roman specifically referred to descendents of Miller's mid-nineteenth-century Pica Roman No. 2 and close facsimiles. Bell is a late-eighteenth-century transitional with many features in common with Scotch, but I wouldn't personally classify it as one.