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•  How can I correctly recuperate/extract Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew text?

Hello -

As a packaging designer, my clients are often requesting that we add Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew texts on packaging.
More often than not, I receive 4 different types of text sources :

— 1.
A .PDF containing a scan of the text needed (so nothing more than a picture).

— 2.
A .PDF whereby I can select the text and copy it into MS Word® but the sentence is no longer the same as what I had copied from the .PDF file! (e.g. some of the characters are replaced by strange ones).

— 3.
A .PDF file where the client has inserted an annotation which displays correctly in the Acrobat® but the moment that I do a copy/paste into MS Word®, the whole sentence is inversed (text appearing left to right instead of right to left -> For Arabic).

— 4.