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Creating arabic fonts using font lab - (Ligatures) - help needed

Dears Typophilers,
I'm new in the typography design.
I did an arabic font with Fontographer 5 but I didn't finish because I need some help.

I need to know how I can create Open type standard ligatures feature with Fontographer 5, font lab or Volt.

or I need to know how I can create ligatures feature.. when I type some letters together the glyph replaces.. for example AL-JALALAH WORD (ALLAH), in some fonts if you type LAM LAM HAA it will have specific shape.

any tutorials, lessons or hints will be very helpful.


Using Adobe Arabic as template! is it possible ?

Generating an Arabic font is really complicated process, i was thinking is it possible - or legal - to make it easier using Adobe Arabic font and its sample VOLT code??

* I mean changing all the glyph shapes in Fontlap.
* generating a .ttf file.
* opening it withe VOLT and import sample VOLT code provided by Thomas Phinney. then just making edits to it.

It's sound simple, but i don't know if this -so easy- method is bug-free or even legal!? what do guys think?