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Las Light Font?

I need the "Last Light" font please or a similar font

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A Similar Font?

I need a similar font (or the same) for a design

I'm wondering what the typeface is for the Tillamook logo. Is it even a typeface at all? I can't find anything that matches the a or the k. A lot of typefaces get close, but none close enough. Any ideas? Help!

Hello everyone,
Please can someone help me to find the typeface of the logo attached. This is very urgent!
Hope to hear the good news!
Many thanks.


does anyone know which font is this?

thank you.

Hi, i need to identify the name of this font that says "You Inspire Me To Do Good"
is from an odwalla advertising
Thank You to all.

Hello there guys, i'm really wanting to purchase Doyald Young's books, but they aren't the easiest to find, especially in Europe. I found this website, and they have the boxed set for sale: http://www.doyaldyoung.com/DYC01.html

However, there is zero contact information on the site, and i'm a little wary spending $300 when I don't even know if i'll get the item, I don't see the boxed set for sale anywhere else like Amazon. For this type of purchase I would want to track it and insure it, but there are no options for that.

Does anyone know if the site is legit? Or if there is anywhere else I can buy the boxed set?



Good morning! I'm having a complete brain fart when it comes to this typeface. The G is so familiar but I can't recall the name of the typeface off the top of my head.

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Bali typeface

I am looking for typefaces that might be appropriate for something that is Bali themed. Any Indonesia/Bali ideas?

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type help

I'm a student in college and I'm trying to figure what kinds of fonts I could use with this image.
I want to use three or two fonts that compliment this image. Im going for a 1950 look.
Thank you
any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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type help

I'm a student in college and I'm trying to figure what kinds of fonts I could use with this image.
I want to use three or two fonts that compliment this image. Im going for a 1950 look.
Thank you
any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Need to know this Font »FALADO«

Hey guys,
just found this nice poster/ design at the internet and was wondering what the name of the font could be?
already tried all of this »type-identifing-machines« at the iNet but without success.
I hope anybody of u can help me!!!
thanks a lot!

I am working on a letterhead suite for a friend of mine and the entire suite is beach/watercolor themed and I'm struggling to find a type that gives the soft, laidback feeling without being a bad display font. Any suggestions?

Hi, I'm looking for the name of this font. Please let me know if anybody knows what font this is, I appreciate all your help.

Thanks much,


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Newbie Type Enthusiast

Hi all. This will be my first post on Typophile. I am very much interested in learning more about type design and it is my ultimate goal to design a few of my own. I already have some ideas floating around my sketchbook. Can anybody offer me some advice on how/where to begin. Also, what are some good resources (books, websites, etc.)? I am studying GD in school at the moment but none of my professors have ever designed their own typeface. Thanks!

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3 typefaces to ID

Can anyone help? I love the elegance of all of them and the serif has a really humble feel. I'm trying to avoid using Minion Pro, so perhaps this could be a good solution. Other recommendations welcome :)

So this font was found on an old book. Having a real hard time trying to classify this font. I presume it's hand rendered with a calligraphic pen but i have no info on the origins or style of these letter forms. Anyone here got any ideas?

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Help: What font is this?

I've Been breaking my head trying to figure out what font is this. Every time I believe I've come close, Im so far off.

Since I cant post the whole picture because what I'm working on is confidential...I posted a few letters in hopes that anyone would be able to figure it out.

thanks in advance!

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What is this font?

What font is used on the picture?

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What is this type?

What is this type?


I am currently a graphic design student and I am looking to bring my typography skills/knowledge up to a higher level. I'd love any recommendations of must have books about type. Which typefaces/fonts are the best/most widely accepted and why, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Dear Typophile

I'm trying to use my mark as in an illustration, where I'd like the A & C part seem as if it was chiseled.
If I may say so myself, I think my A is quite okay. But the C is driving me mad!

I'd like to convey the effect in only two colours, and all the c's presented seems a bit off to me. Number 4, of course, is the most sketchy one. Just wanted your take on it, before I go on.

best regards

Hi, I'm looking for great fonts for a health, organic foods and juicing blog. Could you recommend some great fonts to use for organic food type that has the organic handmade look to it?

We will be doing different organic raw food recipes and juicing recipes and will be using different fonts to design on food photos. Some fonts I like to give direction are:

Bamboo Brisk Regular
Hand-Slab Regular
Cafe Mimi
Cocktail Script
Lady Rene
Petit Oiseau
Happy Cloud
Rooney Pro
Love Potion

I'm open to any suggestions and I appreciate everyone's support.

Thanks kindly,


Does the world really need one more vernacular pop culture typeface? We here, at astroluxtype shout a resounding yes!

Sure, you can find the apex of fine font design that will have your mind and eyes burst with joy at the level of sophistication and craftsmanship they exhibit- Koo Koo Puff Condensed and Light Condensed are not one of those fonts. But if kooky goofy is your thing, we're selling it at the astroluxtype booth.

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