What are some of your favorite extended typefaces?

I prefer Reservation Wide, by Silas Dilworth. Right now, it seems to be my go-to typeface for extended type. Idlewild by HFJ is another favorite.

Obvious ones like Helvetica and Univers will probably dominate this list, but what are some of your favorite extended typefaces?

Hi I am working on a rebranding assignment and this is the current logo. I am trying to figure out which typeface or typefaces are being used for AIRE. I am wondering if it is different ones for each letter or a cheap knock-off, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

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type id

Anyone know this fonts?

Hi guys, can someone help ID this font? Or something very similar for a project?

I understand the split is probably achieved after the type is created, that's fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Wood Type ID

Hey all,

I need help with an ID on this beautiful tuscan wood type:


Trying to identify this typeface. Originally considered it as a possibility for Times New Roman, but the "E" and "C" are distinctly different. The rest of the letters are so close to Times New Roman though, so I was wondering if it's possibly a variant of.

Sign is from some outlet store at a mall.
Thank you fo any help you can give!

Thursday, December 6, 2012, 7:30 PM
Free to the public

Andrew Keith Strauss will present a free lecture about the history of typography from the calligraphic era to the present digital age. Andrew Keith Strauss is an Adobe Certified Training Provider. He offers consulting, support and training in print, digital, video and online publishing technologies. His specialties include cross-media publishing, structured documentation, typography and colour theory. He provides customized service to clients across many different industries.

Strauss will cover a range of topics including:
[1] The invention of the alphabet
[2] Stone carving and inscriptions
[3] Handwriting with ink and paper
[4] Three-dimensional letterpress printing


I am looking for sources and suggestions on creating a font that demonstrates habits. For my final graphic design project, I have to design a typographical bookjacket for "The Power of Habit." Briefly, it is about how habits have the power to control and reform the success or failures of businesses, transform societies, and change our lives. The reaccuring theme is how habits work with a cue that triggers the routine, and finally what we gain from it. (Think of a continuous circle, and how habits pick up power by happening over and over again)

I am trying to use a process that can guide my design solution, but am having a difficult time with representing habits in my type design. Any place to start, ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

This great little video, The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Fonts, from type designer and lettering artist Jill Bell, has ten tips to help you get to know, love and use fonts better.

The video was revised and abridged from a presentation Bell gave at regional AAF Conference. Bell has designed fonts for ITC, Monotype and Adobe as well as numerous proprietary fonts for companies. She has judged Linotype and the Type Director's Club's font design contests, and spoken worldwide including at many type conferences.

Very much a work in progress, but as a designer who regularly has to purchase/license type and other resources, I just fired up a blog over at dlio.tumblr.com to dig-up/share daily deals, discounts & fresh releases of curated/quality type & design resources. Check it out or follow @getdlio if interested, and of course... hit me with your thoughts/ideas!

Cheers everyone.

Very much a work in progress, but as a designer who regularly has to purchase/license type and other resources, I just fired up a blog over at http://dlio.tumblr.com to dig-up/share daily deals, discounts & fresh releases of curated/quality type & design resources. Check it out or follow @getdlio if interested, and of course... hit me with your thoughts/ideas!

Cheers everyone.

Dear experts,

What font is used in this logo?

I need it asap :)


Some people might know, most won't, but the website of the Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands had an overhaul. Most fancy about this is the overview of their archive, which includes a lot of high-resolution type and lettering material. It is a bit of a search, but there are some real gems to be found and is perfect for lazy browsing on a lazy sunday.

Next to this, I wonder if some people might know of the origin of this type:

It's used by Johannes Enschedé around 1760 as a companion sheet to an etching.

A link to the larger page:

Hello all!

I'm a graphic designer, and have decided after reading so much on the subject to finally roll up my sleeves and start dabbling with type design myself. I've chosen a simple, upper-case, sans serif display face meant for poster work to start with in order to get myself acclimatized with the process. The results so far have been plenty satisfactory, and I've had a blast fleshing out my type with punctuation, numerals, and accents.

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Am I wrong?

Am I wrong to think it should be "type" when I hear/read "Web Typography"?

Or even when others refer to Typography when it comes to the typefaces on a site?

In 1962, the Dutch "Institute for Normalization" (NEN) published a guide for proper letter designs, both a sans and a serif. According to Middendorp,

The official digital version of the NEN 3225 alphabets has been made available at the type production Visualogik in 's-Hertogenbosch

("Dutch Type", p. 299).

Are these fonts somewhere available?

I would love some critique/feedback on this logotype I'm working on. It's a for a game with themes of retro laundrettes/laundromats. It's worked up from sketches into illustrator, but I haven't been able to put the amount of time I would of like to at the moment. Anything would be great!


Sometimes a surprise, sometimes as expected – MeM is an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities.

The eccentric experimental type system created by Elena Schädel and Jakob Runge in 2012. It produces many personalities, each individual and emotive. You will never know which of the alternating letters is going to occur next. Basically, at the heart of it all is MeM: four different weights and letter shapes melded together into one powerful font and shuffled with the sleek usability of OpenType.

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Lettering or Type?

I heavily modified a letter from a typeface and will be displaying it on my site as a portfolio piece. My questions is, would this be considered "lettering" or "type"?

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Looks very Swiss to me, except the G, any ideas? Thanks guys!

This is for a logo for a design studio. http://imgur.com/a/9gdj4#1 Going from left to right there's 4 pages. Please tell me which type looks best here and what can be done to refine it at it's best.

The ones in dark using a 4HB pencil are the ones Id like to choose from, but let me know what is suitable and whatwould be the best way to refine it if it needs any.


The Fine Press Book Association is offering prizes for the best text families and titling faces designed by a student during the 2011-2013 academic years. Winning and runner-up type designs will be featured in the Association's journal "Parenthesis" and the winning titling face will be engraved and cast in foundry metal by the Dale Guild type Foundry.

I was just confirming if this type which is "fridge pal" in the link http://i.imgur.com/5aSF6.png is almost similar to the NO movement type which is http://www.dafont.com/n-o-movement.font?text=fridge+pal . The guy who created the "fridge pal" type tends to disagree with this and thinks it's just a teeny bit similar.

thanks for any all comments.

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Hello there!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new type foundry TypeGroup. Our first two releases are the ever-so-friendly sans-serif family Orga and the chunky black slab Kettle.

As well as designing and developing typefaces for sale, we’re seeking opportunities for collaboration on type-based projects.

We love to talk about type so don’t be shy! Get in touch at hello@typegroup.ie

Follow us on Twitter @typgrp

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