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FREE A-hole Coloring Page!


Hi Typophiles!
Here is a free coloring page promoting my kickstarter book:


A-holes was inspired by the amusing double entendre of the phrase "A-holes"—the technical term for the negative space in a letter A (this space is actually called the "counter"). Letters' negative space might seem irrelevant, but it determines a lot about the character of a font. As the book shows, the shape of a hole can tell you if a font is a serif or sans serif, and it can tell you where elements like the stroke, crossbar or bowl are located. Holes are like a traceable pattern, giving you clues about a typeface without seeing it.

A-Hole: A Type Book


I wrote/designed a book! All about A-holes! You know, that negative space found in the letter 'A'? This is my first kickstarter campaign. This book takes my passions in life, both graphic design and humor and makes a pretty wonderful mash-up.

I am writing in hopes you can help spread the word! Check my kickstarter campaign link below to learn all about the details!

Thank you!
- Curtis


Typography for marginal, non-latin writing systems


Hello to anyone reading this.

I primarily work with typographic design of the Javanese script, one of Indonesia's traditional script, here's an image in case you never saw it

It is a very marginal script, without official status anywhere and declining number of users despite it's long history. I was wondering if there are any other writing system with similar situations. I'd like to know how users of other marginal, non-latin script handle their typography. Though generally, I would like to know about the typography scene of other scripts other than Latin and Arab (since those two are the most prominent, is it?)

This is my first post in typophile, so apologies if I made any mistake :)

"Rubber Soul" Typography


I am writing the stories of the cover artwork on The Beatles’ record albums, and am currently researching the creation of artwork for the band’s sixth album, Rubber Soul. You can see the album cover at: www.thebeatles.com/album/rubber-soul. Not only is the distorted Rubber Soul photo an immediate eye-catcher but, for the first time on a Beatles’ album, the title typography is also a star. The title in the upper left corner was designed by Charles Front in the fall of 1965 and has been described by critics as “bulbous”, “rubbery”, and “psychedelic”. Here’s where I can use your help.


Hey Guys,

I just graduated from a design academy and I'm starting my own design studio soon. I'm about to buy a printer for proofing purposes but can't decide which printer will suit my needs. I work a lot with typography and illustrations in books, flyers, etc. so full colour and fine printing is a must. At this moment I don't have much money to spend so I had my eye on the Xerox 6600DN. Does anybody know if this printer is good enough for proofing purposes?

Good typography for a law and crime magazine


I'm working with a project, as a part of my education, where I'm about to develop a new magazine. The Magazine is to be called "Frizon" and should present articles concerning law and crime. I want to use two different fonts in the magazine to start with. The magazine is thought to be liberal and rethinking. I would be glad if anyone here could help me to figure out two good fonts to use for the occasion.

Help to create a typography

Hello everyone, i'am new to this site, i need some help on FontLab Studio, i and a friend just finished designing a typo on illustrator, and we are looking to export it as otf and ttf, i copied/pasted all my vectors, and when i try to generate the font it displays an open contours warning, our typography is based on a complex grid with lots of crossing vectors, there is always a circle in front of or in the letter.
When it exports, a weird F symbol appears on nearly every letter.

Thank you in advance,


What Do You Think About Hydrogenic Sans


Hello my name is Jose Luis Ruvalcaba and I'm currently attending The Art Institute of Phoenix. I'm a senior and pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I'm currently enrolled in a font design class and I just completed my typeface! I would love your personal and professional opinion. Please let me know what you like and what would make this typeface better.

Hydrogenic Sans
By: Jose Luis Ruvalcaba

What typefaces scream "Shakespeare!" to you?

Whether it be classical, contemporary, or modern typographic forms, what typefaces scream "Shakespeare!" to you?

Also, can you folks identify original typefaces that are used in his publications?

Many thanks in advance. Hope you all had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

When is a widow not a widow?

A widow IS NOT one stub end word on its own at the end of a paragraph.

Or that's what I always thought.

Typographic widows mean different things to different people. I've written a piece about my findings so far:

More interestingly, I've got a survey in which I'd love to hear your opinions:

What is a widow? TAKE THE SURVEY!

Thanks nice typographic people! Please feel free to share the survey, too.

Can anyone convert this into a font?


Hello all,

I found this image in an old french book of lettres. I was wondering if it could be desaturated and made into a font somehow. I do not have the resources or the know-how to do this. If you're able to do this and don't mind, I'd be very appreciative if you could send me over the .otf or .ttf file.


Type Design and Typography courses in NY

Im a NY illustrator/graphic designer who is becoming more and more interested and obsessed with type design, typography, and logo design. My illustration skills certainly help propel me forward into territories of originality and detail but I am lacking some basic and more fine tuned type skills. I have been working in NY as a graphic designer for several years so I have lots of basic knowledge but I am considering diving into this new passion and going back to school for my masters in type design/typography/branding- identity design (if that is a real major). Does anyone have any suggestions for great programs in NY; both for continuing ed and also for a full masters program?

Typography and (digital) InkJet printing

As a designer I’m nowadays more and more involved with inkjet technology, for short-run digital book and journal printing. Having fine-tuned my (typographic) design choices with trial and error, I want to hear what other professionals in the field are thinking about this. I inspected type quality in terms of color, outline and overall readability, and most typefaces used in classic offset print don’t give the same result in digital print.

Looking for a slab serif with a light appeal, alternatives to Archer


Hi all,
I'm working on a farm to table restaurant design. But it will be more than a restaurant, with packaging and food products down the line.
I'm looking for a slab serif that has some light, somewhat feminine qualities. The brand I'm working on has a light feel to it, and I don't want to use a thick slab to move in on that.

I know lots of designers deride archer as overused, but it's still stands up.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a slab serif that has multiple weights that could have similar qualities.



my name is Krzysztof Stryjewski and I am graphic design student from Poland and I would like to tell you about my master's project - typeseeing.
Typeseeing is meant to be a guide, collecting voices and thoughts on local typography from different parts of the world. If I receive enough answers, this small anthology will be published and everyone whose text is included in the book will receive a copy.

If you like project's idea and want to help me, please follow the video link below.
I would not only like to hear from you and see yours answers in this publication, but also would be very grateful for any support or sharing news about typeseeing in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Krzysztof Stryjewski / typeseeing.wordpress.com