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font identification

Similar to Impact, Hattenschweiler

Hi everyone!

I work at a company that's trying to order new business cards (for new people) in the same style / font the firm's been using for a while. No one knows which fonts were in use -- the only thing I have to go off of it saved JPEGs of old business cards.

I've identified one of the fonts in use (Abadi MT Condensed Light), but I can't figure out the Name font. It's similar to Impact (but the "R" is straight, unlike the curved Impact "R"). It's also similar to Hattenschweiler, Swiss 924, and Hadrian Bold.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

Font Identification

I really need to identify this font guys...

I used it for a website about a year and a half ago and now they want to change the website name but want to use the same font. It's perfect for their website logo.

I just can't remember what the font is called... I really, really need to know what the name of it is. Please. Help.

need help identifying this serif font from a printed document (image attached)


Hi can someone please tell me what font is being used in the attached image.
I tried using the automated font recognition tool at but the closest match it could find (which was not an exact match) was ITC Weidemann Medium.
The document that I have uploaded is a snippet of a scanned image of a document that was printed in 1992, so the font must have been around before then.

This cheesy 90's font (KORG DDM)


I have been trying to get a confirmed name on this font. I am somewhat certain a whole font exists for it because there are many similar logos from the same era, and because this was a digitally designed logo.

Yes, I am aware that it is super cheesy.

I need help to identify a few fonts, thank you a lot

I have a big assignment for school and I've decided to display my work in a fake magazine (I don't know if it makes any sense). I've chosen to take CLASH magazine as an inspiration for page settings but I have some trouble identifying the fonts they use and I'd really like to use the same since I think they look very good.
I'm posting a few pages, if you know the name of any font on it, please tell me (I don't care about the logo, though)
Sorry, I guess most of them must be quite obvious, but I don't know a lot about fonts.

Types of font searches

I was wondering if there are any searches for font appearance that use exclusion or allow you to select multiple characteristics
lets say I want to find all fonts with open 4's and has 7's with a strike through and I don't care if they are san-serf or serf
but I also want to look for stencil fonts with double story E's.

I would have to do separate searches. I'm kinda upset because instead of selecting for multiple characteristics I want in a font
I'm selecting one and eliminating all others.

Are there any better tools out there besides identifont?

ID Hand Written Font from Vector Stock Image

I need help identifying this font:

It seems to actually be two fonts (one for the top text and one for the bottom). I have downloaded a Vector Stock image from http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/vintage-card-vector-826177 and I really liked the way this font looked together with that image. Unfortunatly the text is not editable and does not have any info about the font used.

If the exact font cannot be identified, suggestions would be helpful. I am looking for something to go along with that image. I plan on using the floral type design from the link to make a gift label for guests at a wedding.