Italian espresso typography

I am currently working on a project to identify a kind or style of typography that is used for a specific application or has a cultural association. I am working with the use of interlocking or connecting letterforms and scripts that often appear in Italian industrial design but specifically on espresso machines.

Font for italian train tickets

Hi to all!

I'm a young graphic designer who has to graduate in september and for my graduation project I want to restyle and redesign the tickets of the italian railways (you can see the actual tickets here: )

I need help to find a great font that can be used on a train ticket and that can express "italianism" by his shape.

This is the only font that I could find:

what about it? A made in italy font designed for maps

Lucca: lovely humanist sans


Hi Folks,

I just released my first font in MyFonts. It's a text sans. If it makes success, I'll make a Cyrilic. Hope you like it! Here is a description:

Inspired by Italian Renaissance fonts like Poliphilus, Blado, Centaur and Arrighi, Lucca presents a simple charm and a powerful classic feel. It is cute, friendly, clear and superbly readable.

Its low contrast provides Lucca a firm yet flexible substance, making it sensual and enticing. There’s a certain degree of abstraction in the precise endings, and the whole design was made to survive even in the harshest conditions, conserving its readability and beauty.

type for historic Italian company name on a tile.

Wondering if anyone can place this type used on a ceramic or possibly metal tile from Italy? The text says Italian Fratelli Andreoni Azienda Agricola Roma which translates as Andreoni Brothers Agricultural Company Rome. The way the x-height bars cross the verticals on the A and E is very distinctive, but I can't figure it out myself so any help is very much appreciated.

Bertolessi and Tulk's Victorian Banner


Greater Albion Typefounders have just released tow new Typefaces on Fontspring and Myfonts:

Bertolessi, is a Roman face made fun, with a healthy dose of filigree curves thrown into the mix. It's an ideal compliment to our extensive Bertoni family, but can be used anywhere a bit of humour and flair is required.

Looking for an example of the font of a very early Italian bible

Hello all,
I was browsing the web for fonts for my next tattoo idea, when I came upon this website. I saw many great postings, so I decided to see if anyone could possibly help me find pictures of the font in a very early bible from Italy, from Rome or the surrounding area if possible. I just need a few pictures, so I can have my artist draw from them. I am getting the 23rd psalm written out across my chest, and I wish to have the most accurate font possible. Thanks all!

4 Italian Restaurant Fonts ...Please ID

First, I am new here. Hello.

A client of mine has given me a t-shirt to be recreated and contains four fonts that I cannot identify for the life of me.

I have scanned then traced the image in illustrator, then thew em' in photoshop and converted it into a jpeg as i see thats the preferred format here.

I greatly appreciate any help I receive on this.

Guido, a gothic type from Italy


I've made a basic (very basic) font based on an italian gothic script. At the moment I've included lowercase letters, some contextual alternates, basic punctuation and common accented glyph for italian.

[for some reasons I can't insert images: you can see the pdf and my flickr page]

This 'gotica corsiva' was used in XIV century to write books in italian language, hence the copies of Dante's Commedia, etc. are written in that way.

You can find images on the web, searching for 'gotica corsiva'

Looking for a script with Italian feel - logo for pizzeria and spaghetteria

I am currently doing a logo for Italian restaurant, pizzeria and spaghetteria. Name for restaurant is Bruschetta, located in Zadar, Croatia.

Client even before brief wanted Kunstler script to use as main typography but I think it is not so appropriate for an Italian restaurant.
I need alternative for script if client doesn't want to use serifed typeface.

So I am looking for a script that has organic feel, that has connection with food, vegetables, ingredients. And also convey italian and mediterranean feel.

Thought of pairing Bodoni and Bodoni script but I am not sure for now.

And maybe something like this.

Thanks everyone.

Contemporary Italian Type Design

I am designing the graphic content of a small museum celebrating the Italian immigrant contribution to Australian culture. My clients want a very contemporary look. I wondered if other typophiles might be able to recommend any recent (post Novarese) type design work coming out of Italy that would be appropriate. I need display type and a type family for bigger blocks of information. Any assistance much appreciated.