Most impressive typefaces


It's a common question to ask what your favorite typeface is but I usually get stuck because there are so many typefaces that are amazing in different ways, it's difficult to select any and exclude others. I have an extensive collection of pictures of typefaces on my computer so I know what's around generally speaking. However, at least once a year a typeface is released that's so clever and so well done it makes me realize there is a lot more to do in type design besides emulating old classics.

Your favorite extended typefaces?


What are some of your favorite extended typefaces?

I prefer Reservation Wide, by Silas Dilworth. Right now, it seems to be my go-to typeface for extended type. Idlewild by HFJ is another favorite.

Obvious ones like Helvetica and Univers will probably dominate this list, but what are some of your favorite extended typefaces?