Hey Guys,

I'm a third year Graphic Design student and i am constructing an imaginary seminary for one of my papers.

I am looking for interesting Spatial Typographers as ideas for speakers, I have a few chosen but i would really like to find some tattoo artists that specialize in type, as i am looking into the personal aspect contrasting corporate identities.

Can anyone help me out with some suggestions?

Thanks! :)

Hello, I always wondering what books inspired you to be a typographer or type designer. If you guys could share 5 books that inspired you the most, I would be very appreciate.

Thank you

The international experience will inform the participants about type design and typography and about Dutch design in general.

The V I D E Summer Design Experience 2011 (15.08 until 28.08) will be prepared with the greatest care and will be guided by Donald Roos, graphic- and type designer from Amsterdam in cooperation with his colleague Jacques Le Bailly. They both studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Donald teached at art academies in Rotterdam, The Hague and Tilburg and Jacques teached at the art academy in Rotterdam and was recently lecturer in Breda.

Several designers are invited to give short workshops and presentations during the VIDE Summer Design Experiences 2011. Also city-design-trips will be part of the two weeks Experience.

This is my business card. It has all I think a good business card should have: basic contact info and some creativity, all of that in a white, one sided card with black text. The creativity is up to the reference for my name's correct pronunciation, inspired by language dictionaries, since I don't know many people who can correctly say this funky german names...

im Indonesian.Im not rich and im not poor (im ordinary).

I love typography a lot. I want to learn typography much more. I want to go to university and there is no specific typography university in Indonesia even in Asia. But, it seems so hard to find the proper university that provide scholarship. I prefer to go to Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Aus, and Other countries (except England and Japan -- coz the currency with IDR is extremely yaa.. you know)

I want your suggestion please... and please keep sharing if your are the one who studies in typography institute. All about typography institute in that mentioned countries.

Additional: What is the best Typography institute?

Gunarta :)

Does any one have a good Arabic translation to Typography?

Hello Everyone!

Im currently looking for artists and type lovers to help fill the pages of "Type I Find".

•Check out the site.
•Submit Some work.
•"like" it on Facebook.

and spread the word to other type lovers!!!


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Type I Find

Hello Everyone!

Im currently looking for artists and type lovers to help fill the pages of "Type I Find".

•Check out the site.
•Submit Some work.
•"like" it on Facebook.

and spread the word to other type lovers!!!

I've found several lists online and on typophile of typography/design books, however a lot of them seem to be picture books with little foundation…

Here's my list of books I consider essential - anyone have any more?

Joseph Muller Brockmann - Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Jan Tschichold - The New Typography

Norman Potter - What is a Designer?

Emil Ruder – Typography

Robert Bringhurst - Elements of Typographic Style

Notable mention to
Willi Kunz – Typography:Formation + Transformation
(Just a stunning book)


I am trying to find some typefaces which complement a blackletter
font I am using for an Oktoberfest logo I created. Not sure which
blackletter I will end up using. I know there are some sans serifs
which may work, but what about serifs? Suggestions would be great!

Hi all,

I am reworking a logo I created for a local Oktoberfest celebration
and I have to choose new fonts. I am using a blackletter face but
for the other subheader text, I need to pair the blackletter with
something which complements or contrasts it and not sure outside
of a geometric typeface what will work with the blackletter. I have
yet to choose which blackletter typeface I will use. Right now,
the client needs to have several choices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I am working on an article about how to explain to clients why fonts and typography matter.

I have amassed a good array of facts, arguments and analogies over the years (though I always welcome more). What I’m really looking for are some good anecdotes about clients questioning the value of typography and fonts, and the dialogue you had with them. Is this a frequent or perennial problem for you?

To be quoted in the article it would be helpful for me to have your real name, and where you are based.



Hello typophiles! :D I'm setting up a project in my very first typography course. It's also the first one where we really learn about the elements of design like repetition and contrast and such. Oh, and also about Gestalt! But yes, I'd just like some general feedback on the font choice and the layout and such. I'd very much appreciate it! I, of course, still have a lot to learn. So it'd be great to hear from all you experts, that way I can be more knowledgeable. I've been looking into the books in the resource section, and definitely intend on reading into them. Right now I'm reading the Universal Principles of Design, and it's great.

Okay, so I have a slight issue with rambling. This will be my last sentence. Alright, maybe just one more.


Hello Everybody, I was hoping to get some help and maybe get pointed in some good directions as I start applying for internships for the summer. I'm currently a Junior at Iowa State University for Graphic Design and I've spent a large amount of my time researching and applying for internships at a variety of firms. However, considering my passion for typography and my interest in type design I'm keeping an eye out for any internship openings at type foundries in the US. I know some of the larger ones and have either made contact with (or am in the process of contacting): Hoefler & Frere-Jones, House Industries, Emigre, T.26, and The Chank Company.

We're very happy to announce that Slow Print and Typography for Lawyers have entered into a co-marketing agreement. The new "TFL Print Shop" (http://tflprintshop.com) will offer Matthew Butterick's typographic templates and Slow Print will provide typographic arrangement and letterpress imprinting.

Hello Typography lovers!

Come and see my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand on: www.moshik.net

See the whole project on: www.moshik.net

A poster series for the action-packed novel "The Night Angel" trilogy by Brent Weeks. The typography was heavily influenced by the characteristics of an assassin.

Graphic Designer: Herman Chaneco
Copywriter: Brent Weeks (Book Author)
Size: 24"x36"

A poster series for the action-packed novel "The Night Angel" trilogy by Brent Weeks. The typography was heavily influenced by the characteristics of an assassin.

Graphic Designer: Herman Chaneco
Copywriter: Brent Weeks (Book Author)
Size: 24"x36"

Hi All!

I'm a thesis student at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) in Toronto, Canada, and I'm trying to start up a typeface foundry at our school called Xheight.

The foundry will promote, nurture and distribute student typeface design through the web. There's also a printed annual component.

Please help my research out by doing the survey at www.xheight.org ! Suggestions are much appreciated as well :D Thanks!

Hello guys!

Good news!

I have new Typography website - Check it out on: www.moshik.net

On the website you can find my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand and many more Typography projects. Beside that you can download cool Typography wallpapers for your computer screen or for your iPad for now..
and of course you can order cool Typography posters and T-shirts :)

Please feel free to leave a comment and share it with your friends.


Moshik Nadav

Type & Typography based designer


I've done some research but not sure if I'm choosing the right aesthetic choice. Being a student Graphic Artist for some time now, yet I still have much to learn.

My question, I'm designing a film-magazine cover, contents, and several spreads for my portfolio to graduate from school this year. Moreover, I have selected Mr. Olson's Klavika typeface for call-outs, headlines etc, but I;m not sure what serif face I use for body copy that will compliment Klavika. As of this moment I'm using Caslon 240 I believe.

Are there any suggestions that I may consider?


Hi all,

Am currently researching type families for use in a general-interest magazine that will be produced. The design is being generated from the ground up with no prior style guides; as well as developing structure and layout, appropriate text and display faces must be selected.

Am wondering of any suggestions you may have for classic or contemporary faces in an editorial setting that you're feeling at the moment. Or in fact strategies you may have in place for selecting typefaces in these cases that have worked for you.

Thanks in advance

Im working on poster and like to hear some fead back I have 2 versions. I started with illustration drawing and now leaning on digital. It is reflection on Time and time by using Kin Hubbard quote «The bee isn't really that busy — it just can't buzz any slower.» Final size will be 40in or abut 101cm high.

Link: The Bees


Dear all,

We are pleased to announce "Aratypo", a dedicated group for Arabic Typefaces creation, development and learning activities (only in Arabic).

Aratypo group members work also on the application of Arabic typography in Hard and electronic content: DTP, Web Design, etc.

We worked in the last six months to prepare the first contributions, and we will be glad to receive original contributions, thoughts, or questions from Arabic Typography lovers.

All the best,




Hi everyone,

As part of a research degree I would love to interview anyone who works on exhibitions or is part of a design team for a gallery, museum or arts program. My research will look into the growing use of type in exhibitions, and look at the value of typefaces when curating and promoting exhibitions, and how choosing appropriate type faces is essential for marrying artwork, photography and other types of exhibitions with information.

If anyone is interested in being part of this research and would later like to be interviewed, please reply to this forum post - and thanks a million!


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