Hello Everybody, I was hoping to get some help and maybe get pointed in some good directions as I start applying for internships for the summer. I'm currently a Junior at Iowa State University for Graphic Design and I've spent a large amount of my time researching and applying for internships at a variety of firms. However, considering my passion for typography and my interest in type design I'm keeping an eye out for any internship openings at type foundries in the US. I know some of the larger ones and have either made contact with (or am in the process of contacting): Hoefler & Frere-Jones, House Industries, Emigre, T.26, and The Chank Company.

We're very happy to announce that Slow Print and Typography for Lawyers have entered into a co-marketing agreement. The new "TFL Print Shop" (http://tflprintshop.com) will offer Matthew Butterick's typographic templates and Slow Print will provide typographic arrangement and letterpress imprinting.

Hello Typography lovers!

Come and see my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand on: www.moshik.net

See the whole project on: www.moshik.net

A poster series for the action-packed novel "The Night Angel" trilogy by Brent Weeks. The typography was heavily influenced by the characteristics of an assassin.

Graphic Designer: Herman Chaneco
Copywriter: Brent Weeks (Book Author)
Size: 24"x36"

A poster series for the action-packed novel "The Night Angel" trilogy by Brent Weeks. The typography was heavily influenced by the characteristics of an assassin.

Graphic Designer: Herman Chaneco
Copywriter: Brent Weeks (Book Author)
Size: 24"x36"

Hi All!

I'm a thesis student at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) in Toronto, Canada, and I'm trying to start up a typeface foundry at our school called Xheight.

The foundry will promote, nurture and distribute student typeface design through the web. There's also a printed annual component.

Please help my research out by doing the survey at www.xheight.org ! Suggestions are much appreciated as well :D Thanks!

Hello guys!

Good news!

I have new Typography website - Check it out on: www.moshik.net

On the website you can find my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand and many more Typography projects. Beside that you can download cool Typography wallpapers for your computer screen or for your iPad for now..
and of course you can order cool Typography posters and T-shirts :)

Please feel free to leave a comment and share it with your friends.


Moshik Nadav

Type & Typography based designer


I've done some research but not sure if I'm choosing the right aesthetic choice. Being a student Graphic Artist for some time now, yet I still have much to learn.

My question, I'm designing a film-magazine cover, contents, and several spreads for my portfolio to graduate from school this year. Moreover, I have selected Mr. Olson's Klavika typeface for call-outs, headlines etc, but I;m not sure what serif face I use for body copy that will compliment Klavika. As of this moment I'm using Caslon 240 I believe.

Are there any suggestions that I may consider?


Hi all,

Am currently researching type families for use in a general-interest magazine that will be produced. The design is being generated from the ground up with no prior style guides; as well as developing structure and layout, appropriate text and display faces must be selected.

Am wondering of any suggestions you may have for classic or contemporary faces in an editorial setting that you're feeling at the moment. Or in fact strategies you may have in place for selecting typefaces in these cases that have worked for you.

Thanks in advance

Im working on poster and like to hear some fead back I have 2 versions. I started with illustration drawing and now leaning on digital. It is reflection on Time and time by using Kin Hubbard quote «The bee isn't really that busy — it just can't buzz any slower.» Final size will be 40in or abut 101cm high.

Link: The Bees


Dear all,

We are pleased to announce "Aratypo", a dedicated group for Arabic Typefaces creation, development and learning activities (only in Arabic).

Aratypo group members work also on the application of Arabic typography in Hard and electronic content: DTP, Web Design, etc.

We worked in the last six months to prepare the first contributions, and we will be glad to receive original contributions, thoughts, or questions from Arabic Typography lovers.

All the best,




Hi everyone,

As part of a research degree I would love to interview anyone who works on exhibitions or is part of a design team for a gallery, museum or arts program. My research will look into the growing use of type in exhibitions, and look at the value of typefaces when curating and promoting exhibitions, and how choosing appropriate type faces is essential for marrying artwork, photography and other types of exhibitions with information.

If anyone is interested in being part of this research and would later like to be interviewed, please reply to this forum post - and thanks a million!


So not too long ago (past few weeks) I answered yet another font/typeface query from a friend. He said he wanted something that will do justice to his brand in one letter or less. I made a rough monochromatic rendering of the glyph by hand, on a 20x30 canvas, using spraypaint and stenciling, took it to their studio, and it was enough to convince them. Score!

Can you name the typeface I suggested to them? It's at the bottom of the page, far left. http://www.whoisntjohngalt.com

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Slab Serif in progress

Just finished my initial rough for a new typeface I'm working on. Just have the Uppercase for now. Any comment/thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Need some fresh eyes on this. Thanks so much.

Hi everyone, I have always wanted to study typography but never got the chance to do it. I couldn't get into design school because I don't have any design/art background. Currently I'm studying a course that has nothing to with typography/design. I have studied the course for a year and finally realized that I want to pursue a career in typography/design. I will be joining, well actually forced to do national service as it is mandatory in Korea. I want to use my time wisely in the service and study typography but I don't have a clue where to start. Do you have any suggestions on how to study typography? I'm interested anything with typography and eventually want to design fonts.

I will not be able to use a computer for personal use so anything with computer is out of picture.

I'm currently working on a project at university, trying to create a typeface in both English and Japanese that work with each other seamlessly. What Im curious to find out is;

- Your thoughts on the idea
- Any suggestions or recomendations
- Any really good or even really bad examples of these two languages at play.

Thanks for your help.

Hello guys,
i just wanted to announce the afrobeat font family. http://www.resistenza.es/afrobeatfont/

have a nice day

Rockport Publishers would like to publish your best typographic work ranging from classic to expressive applications—in all media—in their upcoming book, Design Elements: Choosing and Using Type. Select projects will be presented in this full-color, 160-page publication.

To download the official call for entries, please go to:

The deadline for submissions is February 25, 2011.

Questions? Email author Kristin Cullen:

I wonder if anyone knows what the font is that? Help would be appreciated, thanks for your time!

In his book The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst sets forth what he considers to the be the ideal for setting text. He states:

- 45 to 75 characters line length (measure); specifically 66 including spaces; Single Column
- 40 to 50 characters; multi-column
- 85 to 90 characters; discontinuous text; generous leading
- 40 characters (minimum); justified
- 12 to 15 characters; marginal notes; English

He also discusses the ideal page to great detail on pp. 171–176.

I'm hoping to find other authors who've written down their ideals. What have you found as you've read? Would you share your findings? Even just the books and page numbers would be helpful.


There is a job opening for a Font Administrator at the Penguin Group USA, based in New York. Below is a link to the information on their website and an overview of the requirements:


We are currently seeking a Font Administrator to support the design, marketing and managing editorial communities throughout the company by managing the processes for procurement, accessing and archiving all licensed fonts.

Specifically, the Font Administrator:

1. Negotiates agreements and interacts with our contracts department to ensure their compliance with our requirements.
2. Uploads and activates fonts on our corporate server and grants access as per the licensing agreements.

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Amusing icon?

If you put "Typography" at the head of your list of interests in Facebook, it generates this icon:

... the line break makes me chuckle every time I see it!


I am currently designing a poster for a play which is set in 1832 London (pre-victorian period).

Does anyones know of any interesting and accessible typefaces I could use. I have already experimented some standards such as Baskerville, Garamond, Caslon and Plantin. I'm looking for more of an interesting typeface then the ones mentioned – more decorative and expressive if poss.

Any ideas???

Thanks, James

Howdy Typophiles!

In my Indesign document I have a page of images that are numbered and would like to have a list of captions with corresponding numbers. Some of the images will share the same captions so I'd like to have two to three numbers listed with commas separating them I'd like the numbers to be right justified :

Here is a sample:
Numbered List Example

i would be very glad if you have a recomendation for an arabic font that will suite to the other hebrew (progtextGOLD by Fontype) and english font (ST. Ryde by Sascha Timplan).
(macintosh offcourse).

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