Hey all.

I am a new font designer (though not new to the art of typography) and I have recently finished creating my first completed font. It's a TrueType font. It's a highly original and stylish display type of font.

Anyway, I was thinking I was gonna try to make some money with it, and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some guidance and advice. Anything I should know about finding and working with a distributor? Do I need to make them sign something to keep from getting ripped off if they prove to be scandalous? (I'm always suspicious I guess)

I'd rather not have to market it myself even if I had my own website, setting up a shopping cart system etc..

Thanks in advance.

Our "happy tyographic families" game is available in english!
74 cards to understand, learn or revise typography with fun and with friends.
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Hi all,

I am working on a greeting card for a women's non-profit
organization and the theme is about peace, hope, faith, etc.
for the holidays and I am creating the words to be the shape
of a gift box, so I am trying to decide what kind of typefaces
I should look for. There is one called Lobster I like and others
such as Rosewood fill and Mrs. Eaves Bold. I have other slab
serifs and a few scripts, but nothing jumps out at me.

Would any of you have some suggestions? Thanks!!


Hi there, i am currently in my third year at university studying graphic design and have recently started my dissertation.

I have decided on an area of which i would like to focus on however the subject area has been covered before and continues to be discussed in the design industry of late.

I would like to base my dissertation on print and pixel and where the two are heading. However i am really struggling on pin pointing one aspect within such a large subject (help?). For me print publishing will always appeal to me, the aesthetic value of a well designed publication is what print is all about. Its why I love what i do.

Now i have discussed and brainstormed the subject with my tutor. But if anyone can provide me with further advice then it would be greatly appreciated.

We just released the second in our series "The Ten Commandments of George Lois." The quotation reads The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. When I first approached George about collaborating, this was his immediate suggestion and remains one of his more celebrated statements.

My favorite quote of his, "Great ideas can't be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested" was the first release in the series.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this shirt will benefit the Herschel Levit scholarship fund at Pratt Institute, Mr. Lois' alma mater.

Bruichladdich is a small sophsicated distillery that produces single islay malt whisky in Scotland. I have always enjoyed the typography treatments on almost all of the packaging design they have in my local liqour store. I wonder who designed the fun image & text on those packaging designs. If anyone know, please let me know!

Images are attached below.

I'm working on a project about design by committee / consensus and I really need some help with it. Essentially the idea is to make a book with all the decisions about its design made within this forum. The aesthetics of the book - it's size, format, layout, typeface etc will all decided by the consensus in here.

Firstly, what do people think about the size of the book should be? And in terms of the title, I have two starting points - 'A Camel is a Horse Designed by Committee' and 'Too Many Cooks'.

I'd really appreciate any comments and suggestions on this project.


The "happy typographic families" is available!
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Hey all,

Long time fan, first time poster. My name is Gus Wezerek. I'm a visual journalism student at Northwestern University. For one of my classes I'm writing an paper about contemporary gravestone typography. I've seen the thread here with the man who was soliciting help with a relative's tombstone design, but the paper is a bit too broad for his case.

Would anyone be willing to chat on the phone or email/point me in promising directions? I'm just looking for ideas about what makes (or you think would make) a good face for stone, special cases of gravestone typography or really anything you guys know or would be willing to speak about on the topic.

I've launched 3 new limited edition prints today, 'Dreams',
'Stars' and 'So Much To Do'. I'm really pleased how they
turned out. I'm attaching a few images. More details here:


I've also had a major website update with new typographic
commissions for clients including Cadbury, Macy's and Liberty.



Seb Lester

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Typographic logo


I was working on my typography skills and have made Mining logo

What do you thing guys?

Design Micro Museum With and About Lettering
MuseumsQuarter Vienna / Gangway between square 1 and square 2


WELCOMETO.AS (Lausanne / Davis, California)

Opening reception: November 26, 2010 // 6 p.m.
Ongoing until March 2011

The TYPOPASSAGE Vienna is a unique, innovative museum project, curated by design studio bauer – konzept & gestaltung.

I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

Hey Typophiles,

I'm a software developer working on an application that requires precise font rendering and I'm having trouble doing the calculations correctly.

Here's an example:

A user selects 36 point Helvetica as their font. How far down, in pixels, is the baseline?

Here's my calculation:

12pt is 16px, therefore 1px = 4/3pt.

36pt * 4/3 = 48 pixels

The baseline, per a book I have, "sits one-third the point size up from the bottom", so the baseline in this example would be at 32px.

32px, however, is smaller than the height in pixels of a capital A in 36 point font, which means the top of the A gets chopped off when rendered, so something is off.

What am I doing wrong?

Good morning,

Though I am interested in printing I haven't had the time to do enough research to identify the attached typography.

Any information on this (attached) 16th century, Venice type would be appreciated. Furthermore, any external information, particularly on Italian (16th cent.) type, would be much appreciated.



Hi everyone...I'm not at all lazy, but I'm sad to say that I don't have a natural eye for design. My best friend does and I've noticed over the years that she has helped me "develop" my eye. When I created a logo for my company (she was swamped at the time) and asked for her opinion, I thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me...I'd used what I now know is the much-typophile-hated font, Papyrus. Anyway, I digress...

Hi There,

Anyone know anything about the typeface Today SH?

I am currently working towards a graphic design degree and need to know a bit about the history of this typeface for my typography class.

I've googled it until my fingers turn blue and I can't find much on it so I have turned here.

Please help!

Humorous resume by Herb Lubalin as published in the 1966 newsletter, "Thumbnail", Art Directors and Designers (ADDA) of New Orleans, http://typophile.com/node/53937

This delightful memory was recently discovered in the archives of AIGA New Orleans. ADDA was the forerunner of AIGA New Orleans.

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Hello Typophiles.
Wondering if anyone could list a whole heap of fonts from around the year 1900.


Exact science, no doubt great killjoy for an artistic mind. Yet a valuable inspiration, so relax, have a break, have a SIT STAT.

view the complete project here + wallpapers: http://www.behance.net/gallery/SIT-STAT/723020

Hi there typohiles,

Long-time lurker, first post.

I'm looking into my report for my final year
at university, the topic I’m most interested to write
about is word recognition & typography. I think
there could a really angle with the new turns in type
with alot more of the "experimental" typefaces
being ultra-bold, nearly illegible & in alot of cases
lacking a proper family with no lowercase also
compared to say Gill, Helvetica, Futura etc.

In my first year I read a interesting article
on "The science of word recognition" in Eye 52, I’ve
gone back to that article and found Kevin
Larson's paper to be of real interest, the only thing
I’m struggling with now is finding the right
literature to reference from.

Any help on this would be great, I’m still on

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good design for teenage girls

Specifically relating to typography (hand-drawn scripts)—though I'd be open to any broader suggestions as well—I'm looking for something that fits the young teenage girl demographic without having to give up some good design principles. Those two often seem to be at odds with each other, but if you know of anything that may help me collect some helpful inspiration I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Every creative professional, including the most seasoned designer, can benefit from learning to communicate more effectively with type. This workshop will give you the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics necessary to visibly improve your type. Gourmet Typography Training will sharpen your eye and reignite your passion for typography.


Session One: 9:00am – 12:00pm
This session teaches the fundamental typographic skills and aesthetics necessary for every designer. Learn to see and understand type and type designs like you've never seen before with a stimulating hands-on exercise, what makes a good typeface, the most common type crimes, and getting the most out of your software (typographically speaking).

Hello. I've been a long time lurker, so I've finally decided to join in and get advice. I've been into fonts ever since I was a kid, especially those from logos. I design my own by shaping them on PowerPoint and transferring the glyphs to High-Logic's Font Creator Program.

Thus far I've done some modernized fonts based on the classic "Press Your Luck" logo; one is regular and the other is extended, but I have some fine-tuning to do (the corners of the letters are rounded or beveled, which I don't want). Ray Larabie is known for recreating fonts from logos, and though this is a parody in the same vein, do I need to seek legal permission before publishing the font?

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