Type Pairing

Typeface to pair with Ratio


Hi everyone!

I am struggling to find a good pair for Ratio type that I use for body (I use typekit so I'm constrained here). I would like something in headings to complement Ratio.

Adelle seems to be fine for headings. Rooney Web seems to play nicely too. I have also tried Jubilat in heavier weights (even italics) and seems to be... ok.

What do you think about these combinations? Any suggestions?


Pairing Chaparral Pro with Prenton or Soleil

I am trying to fond a good pair for Chaparral Pro, currently I combined it with Brandon Grotesque on my site, but I am far from happy. I am thinking about Prenton or Soleil. Chaparral and Prenton seem to have similar characteristics (look at lowercase a, double story g, etc.) but I am just not sure whether their personalities clash a bit? Soleil's geometric forms seem to play well with Chapparal Pro (I don't want to use Proxima Nova), but I am not sure this combo is exactly what I am looking for. I want to have something professional, yet playful.
Below are examples of both combos.

Any thoughts on these two, or you have some other ideas?

Types in Logo - Client request but not sure it's a good one...

Hi all,

I'm designing a logo for a client who has requested two different fonts. I'm not a fan of either, but I don't think they go well together either. But i'm not sure. What do you guys think? What should I recommend? Any other font you'd recommend instead?

He's requested two options:

Mongolian Baiti with Copperplate Gothic Bold


Felix Titling with Copperplate Gothic Bold