Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

I'am working on a logo for my studio that develops interactive books and games. I am quite happy with the logo, but I really need help with tweaking the letterforms - optical corrections with "mber" letters mainly (I am not experienced enough with it). Will be glad to get your help, thanks a lot.

Here's another prototype font for our upcoming animation. This was more or less my freehand corrected in a vector graphics package.

Download Inklings

Smiley face

I saw this in a recently produced documentary photography book, being used to typeset quotes. It resembles handwriting in pen and ink, and is slightly blotchy in outline. I wonder if the spaced out characters are indicative to the font or whether they have been treated that way. The spacing makes it look modern, but the characters, especially the r and ascending/descending characters look old fashioned. Any clues?

Hello everyone, I just want to share a new release Piel Script.

After several years of receiving tattoo requests and images of them using my fonts, I decided to design and publish a tattoo-style typeface. You can see the specimen here. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

If you want to see more images in use or to license the font or just to read more about it.

Ale Paul

Hi guys,

Could anyone please help me identity these fonts? I'm looking at the typefaces you find on the round ink postage stamps (do they have a different name to normal paper stamps?) - in particular these:

If anyone knows what they are or knows of anything similar I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.


I'm working on a small first edition of a book and now that they're printed, the client would like to have them hand numbered.

So I'm wondering. If written by hand, what kind of ink?
Permanent, but that won't bleed through a matte coated stock.

Or perhaps one of those old-fashioned number stamps, but what kind of ink?

I'd love to hear from anyone with experience in signing or numbering limited editions or with suggestions for this.

Thank you.

Need to know what font is used for the "Studio Gaven" portion of the logo at the top of the page.


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