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Anyone out there with a clue as to what this Engravers Roman-ish slab serif face is?
Western Railway is close candidate, but no cigar: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/jnlevine/western-railway/

Hey Everyone,

Trying to find a link to buy the engraving version of Century Bold — anyone know of a place?

Thanks in advance!
Ryan Mercer

The two fonts developed by Monotype based on old engraver's lettering styles were given honorable mention on Stephen Coles' http://typographica.org/typeface-reviews/2012-honorable-mentions/

JMC and Feldman Engraver are based on Masterplate styles from the American stationery engraver's industry, and were developed by Steve Matteson and Terrance Weinzeirl, of Monotype. Go team!

Both fonts are FREE!

These fonts were made possible for the launch of The Complete Engraver by this writer. http://www.papress.com/html/book.details.page.tpl?isbn=9781616890674

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