Dalai Lama


Here are the beginnings of a type study I did a few years back. I finally dug it out of the myriad files and folders on my desktop and decided to put it up on here for critique.

Some notes as I'm looking at this with a fresh (and more learned) perspective:
1. I'd like to go through and redo some of the weights of certain strokes (the hairline stroke atop the 'a', the bowls on 'a' and 'd')
2. I think the character widths need some refining.
3. I'd like to put different tails on the 'a' and 'd' that more closely resemble the serifs on the 'd' and 'l' ascenders.
4. The serifs to the left of the 'i' and 'l' are indeed longer than those on the right (to mirror the serifs at the top of the ascenders)
5. I'd like the dot atop the 'i' to be heavier.