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Alternative to TS Torque

hey everyone,

this board has been incredibly helpful to so many past requests, so I’m really looking forward to your replies!

I’m currently working for a client and I am looking for a squarish typeface with rounded edges. So far I am rather pleased with typesupply's »Torque« – however it’s lacking a semibold between medium and bold – the bold face is a little to heavy for this design that we're aiming for.

I’m having a hard time finding proper alternatives to torque, because it is very specific, so I was hoping maybe one of you folks knows a similar typeface?

thank you in advance!

Advice on font choice


First I want to say hello. This is my first post here and I have to admit that I'm actually not at all a pro when it comes to typography, but I have a question where I think input from typophiles would really help me make a design decision.

I am currently developing an iOS toy app. Now, near the end I've let a couple of friends test it and one of my friends' feedback was that he absolutely hated the font I used for my captions. I was using Cochin-BoldItalic until now and personally liked it, But since his feedback was so harsh I'm now unsure about it. A graphics artist friend of mine suggested using a font without serifs, so now I'm thinking about using HelveticaNeue-Light or its italic version. That's also the font I use for normal text.