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"00" appended to Postscript (nameID-'6') font name in PDF document exported from ExamView (8.1)


I have encountered an anomaly in a PDF generated through the ExamView (8.1) application software: the font, Times New Roman MT Pro has "00" appended to the beginning of the Postscript name (id '6') as in the picture.

The fonts were subset by default in the application software.

There does not appear to be any negative impact on the files but I would like to know if this is likely to have a knock-on effect in our production workflow using these files. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Big, fat, hairy licensing question

I've been purchasing the font licenses for a large ad agency for 16+ years. We have over 600 users in 20 locations around the world. This past year, font license compliance has become a much larger part of my job , so I now have time to see where we might be lacking in coverage. We have a font server, so I know we're in compliance with desktop licenses. My main concerns now are PDF, mobile app, and eBook embedding licenses that might be required, depending on the foundry.

For the sake of trying to keep this long post from getting even more out of control, I'll focus on PDF embedding. All PDFs are secure, view and print only. Editable embedding is not a requirement.

InDesign PDF Problem


Dear Everyone,

I exported a document for PDF print that contains several paths in which I used Type on a Path. There is no fill or stroke on the path, yet the PDF consistently shows a light pink background color around the path area (see attached image). I don't see anything wrong with the PDF settings, but I may not recognize the problem - suggestions?

Thank you!!
Chava Drummond

Embedded font problem in pdf


I've made multiple pdfs from my indesign files and combined them in preview to make one big pdf. I have no problems viewing it in preview but when I or my client try to open it in Acrobat it crashes or gives this error message: Cannot extract the embedded font xxxxx. Some charcters may not display or print correctly.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?

Designing for screen PDF's (long documents).


I'm designing a 100+ page document that is intended to be read primarily on screen (as a downloadable PDF) but it must also look great when it's printed.

I'm about 20 pages into laying out the type, and I'm starting to think that my body copy font choice, Helvetica Neue 55 Roman, may not have been the best choice. It looks a bit crude on screen.

I've considered using a more screen friendly font (Verdana, Arial, etc), but then I'll be sacrificing the integrity of the print version. So, use 2 separate fonts? No dice, I refuse to set this document twice, it's far too long.

Embedding Chinese Fonts into a PDF InDesign/Mac

Hello fellow typophiles,

I am having a problem embedding chinese fonts on PDF to print and view. This topic has been discussed before on http://typophile.com/node/59688, but I have hit another roadblock and would like to ask if anyone with the same problem found a solution.

I designed a magazine (260+ pages) on InDesign CS3 on a Mac running OS 10.4 in mandarin, using the native mac font STHeiti. When it was time to send the piece to the printers, I discovered that the font was blocked and could not be embedded on a PDF.

Format for Corporate presentation


For a branding project, I'm designing the corporate presentation template.
I want to know which format is better for online distribution > PDF or PPT?
points to be considered :
1. The type rendering methods of microsoft PPT & Adobe PDF. I found that in PPT especially at smaller sizes the typefacec is not rendered correctly. ( i'm using FF DIN / sapient & Amplitude)
2. The document creator ( from my clients marketing dept -a non designer) has to use powerpoint to create the presentation & then has to convert it into PDF ( since PPT dosen't embedd fonts)

Pls help


InDesign question: How to export PDFs without a line running down the center of the spread

This is a difficult thing to search for since 'line' means a number of things within the scope of InDesign and PDF.

I'm talking about the small black line down the middle of each spread, and sometimes (I don't know why) outlining the entire page. Sure, I can cover them up with white lines in the master pages, but is there some way of keeping them from ever exporting?

I'm using CS4. Crop marks are turned on; PDF export follows the document's 0.125-inch bleed settings. I'm exporting to Acrobat 5 by default.


License Issues with Font Embedding

I have a client who wishes to create PDFs for invites. All of these contain type. With Typekit, Font Squirrel, and Font Shop sporting webkits and iPhone apps using fonts for in postcards, etc., are licensing restrictions becoming less strict? Should my client be concerned about embedding type?

Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

From Adobe's website:
Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Adobe Reader 9.2 and Acrobat 9.2 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, and Adobe Reader 8.1.7 and Acrobat 8.1.7 for Windows and Macintosh. These vulnerabilities could cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.