Hey Typophile,

I am wondering if any one can help id the GHOST typeface used in the attached image.

Thanks a bunch!

The documentary Alien Planet uses a very cool font to identify speakers. It shows the font a lot right after the video starts, available here on YouTube. I would appreciate some help identifying it.




I'm trying to identify this font for 3days, yet have no match...
Could you suggest what this font is?

Please help identify the Europop logo font pictured :)

I'm concepting out some UI ideas for game and my AD wants to find a font that looks like futuristic graffiti. He wants something in the style of Extreme-G or Virtual On, but readable enough for buttons.

Any recommendations for fonts like that?

Here's references,

Extreme-G Logo

Virtual On Logo


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Font name

Hi guys,
Just need to know the name of this one.
Thanks in advance

Hey everyone.
I'm struggling to find a font I really like that I've seen on a computer repair site.

The site is: http://www.bigbytecomputer.com

The logo at the top says, "Big Byte Computer Services," and that's the font I'm trying to figure out. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Anyone know the family of fonts this belongs to?

Thanks a lot!

Anyone know what this font is?? I'm looking for the TALONS font. I'm completely stumped


i spent one full day on looking for a font as close as possible to this one. Now i found this site and i really hope someone here might help out.
My best guess is its a modification or mixture of Tenby Seven Light and Eurostile Extended #2.


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Overload font?

Does anyone know the name of the font "overload" is written in?

Albia Nova is a bit of a new departure for Greater Albion-an unashamedly futuristic typeface. It was originally developed for a friend of ours-a set designed who needed some lettering on props for a science fiction play-the brief was to evolve conventional letter forms and speculate as to what they may look like in the future. As released Albia Nova is a more refined version of this idea, placing a bit more emphasis on readability (today) over evolution of the letterforms. The result is good for giving design projects a futuristic feel, but also has something of the 1970s and 1980s about it.

AlbiaNova has released on Myfonts at a 40% introductory discount.

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hello everyone.
here is something i have been working on lately. it is inspired by italian futuristic type (not to say fascist one!).
it is really fresh, so no time to make proper kerning. hpowever, some ligatures are already here. i am aware there are similar typefaces around, but i think this still has some potential & autonom character.
what do you think?

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Futuristic Font

Thoughts on what the font on the robot's wing might be? Could be custom, but thought it was worth a shot to ask here.


Remember those 1970s science fiction dramas which had such charming 'futuristic' sets and backdrops? Remember the intriguing 'future' lettering and signage the set designers would devise-often coupled with interesting 'futuristic' spellings? Movella, Greater Albion's latest release, is something of a new departure for us and is a family of three typefaces inspired by that design ethos. The three faces- regular, italic and the 3d solid form - are all capitals faces which combine a feeling of 'retro-futuristic' design with easy legibility.

Movella can now be found on Myfonts and Fontspring. Here'a sample of it in action:

This is a font from a video-game type flier. I can come up with fonts pretty close to it, but nothing exact.

Dear Typophiles,

Please may I have help identifying the font Alex Trochut based this identity on?

Many thanks,


Hello people!

I'm tired of Titillium and TitilliumText22L! It's not legible in small sizes or in 11, 13, 14px in the sites or blogs! Titillium isn't like Arial, Helvetica and Verdana. Titillium is totally legible only in Word 2007 with optimized ClearType, Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape and Gimp.

I need a free and ORIGINAL font which...
— sans-serif
— totally legible in small sizes (10 to 14px)
— contemporary
— corporate
— fashionable
— modern
— squarish
— techno
— text.

Thanx u all!


Recently I've been trying to identify as many of the fonts used in Disney/Pixar's 2008 film WALL-E as possible, and though I've had success identifying quite a few of them (as seen in this MyFonts.com Album), there've been a few I just can't seem to find through either browsing hundreds of fonts manually or using WhatTheFont. So I'm hoping some of the experts here might be able to help me out. I've tried to provide as clear pictures of possible for each font.

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