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I have an art project where I want to print a whole bunch of tiny text onto paper.

The idea is to give out magnifying glasses to patrons so that people can read the tiny text. I want the text to be as small as possible, but still legible using a visual aid like a magnifying glass. It is fine to have the text not legible without a magnifying glass though.

I suspect that a printer's DPI would be important in figuring out the smallest size since you need to fill a character's stroke with sufficient number of dots (ie. ink). For sake of discussion, let's assume the printer is a commercial printer who mass prints books.

How small in pts can I print the text?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Sans for 5pt print


Please can you recommend a sans-serif for small print (5 pt).
The text will be a URL (i.e. no need for extended symbols, etc)
If it is a freeware font would be perfect, but a commercial type is fine.

Thank you!

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