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Kerning trouble with fontstruct



I began to work on a font on Fontstruct.

I know this is not a real font editor but it was adapted to my project.
Now I have kerning trouble.

Fontstruct exports only .ttf format, what is the best way / software to adjust the letter spacing ?

Font Built, Transparency Issues. HELP!


Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to the world of typography and font-creation (as in just started Sunday). I have been looking for months for a way to take an old .bmp font I had that I used on an old Windows machine and turn it into a .ttf for my Mac. I finally found a way to do that with FontStruct. The only trouble is that now my font is transparent!! Whenever I type, I get the outline of my font (because the font is an old Nintendo style font, the blocks I used in FontStruct only created the outer layer). I desperately need a way to take this now .ttf and make it whole! I've been looking all over the place, but programs cost so much money and I'm not sure the free ones can do what I need.

Fontstruct Font "Alouette" Used In Exhibit

i received this email from Craig Ward (Words Are Pictures) regarding the use of Alouette:

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I used your font Alouette recently in a collaborative piece with fellow typographers Sean Freeman and Alison Carmichael for the If You Could... exhibition which opens tonight in London. We took 3 pieces of graffiti that jumped out of us and made them into some beautiful typography and had them laser cut out of wood and applied them directly to the gallery wall.

Here's a little write up on Creative Review's blog, my piece 'Obstruct the doors...' is around half way down the page, Alison's is the first image: