Howdy. Matching typography to an exhibit space from a few years ago. Client no longer works with original designer. See attached.

Very close to Garamond, but the "g" and "W" are not a good match.

Any suggestions?

The month of April marks the 2nd Annual Student xType Culture Show at Seattle Central Community College's Hunter Art Gallery. This show features the work of 48 students creating 26 letters of experiments in typography. See fonts which are illustrated, animated, baked, bleached, and even blighted with bullets. The rules of play were to construct an experimental display font of 26 letters out of any media (with the exception of flammable, toxic or xRated, but this edict was even ignored), and they were bound only by time, money, materials and their imagination.


I am a London MA Graphic Design student looking for some inspiration and wondered whether anybody could recommend any museums, exhibits or libraries that re-invigorate their love of typography?


i received this email from Craig Ward (Words Are Pictures) regarding the use of Alouette:

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I used your font Alouette recently in a collaborative piece with fellow typographers Sean Freeman and Alison Carmichael for the If You Could... exhibition which opens tonight in London. We took 3 pieces of graffiti that jumped out of us and made them into some beautiful typography and had them laser cut out of wood and applied them directly to the gallery wall.

Here's a little write up on Creative Review's blog, my piece 'Obstruct the doors...' is around half way down the page, Alison's is the first image:


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