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which one seems better?

I am creating a monogram for the name Pragya. Pragya is a graphic designer and would like the focus of her work to be on typography and lettering. For now, this monogram/logo will print on her business card in a size of at least 60mm. Which one do you think looks better? Any other feedback/comments are welcome.

Critique: Monogram Logo



I am new to the forums and am extremely exited to dig into them and join the conversations, for my first post I was wanting to get some feedback. I am currently working on some basic branding for myself and was wanting to know what you thought of the mark I made for myself. Could I get general impressions and what you think is wrong with it? Thanks so much!

Here is my Old logo:

Here is my new one:

Henri Lipsanen


Looking for some feedback on a logo for a new client.

It's a finnish golfer by the name Henri Lipsanen. The client wanted something simple and I don't have much time to do this so simple it is. He also wanted a monogram of the letters HL and the colours grey and green.

This is my first version. Some simple type modification of Insignia with a monogram that is supposed to remind you of a golf course.

Any feedback appreciated.

Mynaruse Royale, an expansion of Mynaruse with script capitals.


Mynaruse Royale is an expansion of Mynaruse Titling. It features script capitals and widely tracked and smaller titling capitals. Mynaruse Royale has plenty of character and, with its powerful and sharp serifs that draw the eye. Mynaruse Royale is useful in settings that call for titling with an extra touch of elegance, such as a storefront, wedding program or formal invitation.
Mynaruse Royale contains a number of OpenType alternates, including alternate forms for the capitals that are large, drop cap like capitals instead of the calligraphic script capitals found in the default forms. Additionally there are non widely tracked lowercase forms that work well with the included alternate characters and ligatures.

Personal Visual Identity - Seeking advice



I'm in the process of creating my own visual identity and am looking for any advice on how to proceed. Let me explain the project briefly. I've settled on a word mark built around an ambigram of my initials, A,B. The ambigram will serve as a watermark for my illustration work and acts as a distinct element - i'm not planning on keeping the wordmark and ambigram together in the final layout.

The ambigram is meant to resemble a percentage mark by joining the letter 'a' on top of the 'b'. The forward slash though is only at a 15 degree angle, so I'm wondering if it's enough to make it look like a percentage mark, not just a unified a+b.

Mystery Bergling-esque Script

The designers here at my work, we have been having a problem. We constantly get customer artwork to redraw for our process, and more often than not, we end up having to trace fonts. This gets tedious and time-consuming especially with scripts.

Our product sees a lot of use in weddings and we end up tracing this font a lot.

Monogram Logo for Musician

I am working on a monogram style logo for a musician, and would like some comments to help me refine the lockup. The musician plays trumpet and also some other instruments, and is classically trained. He performs and teaches in classical and jazz improvisation styles. I wanted the mark to capture the elegance and sophistication of the music, and also fit in with something like a University setting. I am happy with the concept but the typography seems to be where I am having the most questions, but feel free to comment on any of it. Here is where I am with it so far: