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old style

An Old Style Typeface, Similar to Garamond Premier Pro

I'm looking for a good typeface to use for a book. It's a Christian devotional book. I want something similar to Garamond Premier Pro, an old style with a full family and every other small detail: small caps, italics, ligatures, etc. It can be new or old.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Font suggestions--Old Style like Garamond or Palatino?


I want to use a font with old-style proportions, old-style numerals, ff, ffi & ffl ligatures as well as fi and fl, and italics. I am editing an anthology of short stories on Microsoft Word, so suggestions should come in the form of either links to TrueType or OpenType free downloads, or versions of fonts on Word that you know possess all these features. So far, the only font that really fits the bill is Georgia, but I don't like its heavy proportions; they are less elegant than old style fonts.

Garamond-like alternative


Hello, guys!
I’m totally new here and English isn’t my 1st language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may incur about typography or with my writing.
I’m here because I want some help on choosing a typeface that is similar to Garamond, but with less contrast between thin and thick strokes in upper case letters, id est, with thin strokes “less thin”. I mean, I love Garamond, I think it confers some classic flavor to the text, especially when the texts I want to print are Latin classic poems with side translation. But the thinness of the horizontal bar in the H, E and T, or in the legs of M, N, V and A, bothers me, perhaps because I have got a less than perfect vision, also I find it aesthetically unattractive.

Looking for an old style font with real small caps!


Hi guys, hope I am in the right part of the forum to ask this question.

I am looking for a nice old style font face that has a real small caps font and is also available somewhere with an app license for smartphones. The actual font I wanted to use was "Minion Pro", but Adobe doesn`t provide app licensing for their fonts yet : (

As an alternative I found "Sabon" via myfont.com, but still wanted to ask you guys what you have been using and how it worked out with the licensing for you.

Thanks in advance : )

Old Style Fractions


I read in a book "Book Typography: A Designer's Manual" that fractions near old style figures should be minimized if they seem to large.

So I think: isn't it possible with OT features?

I could make additional sets of numerators and denominators - one.numr.osf etc. and fraction.osf that would be a little bit smaller to harmonize with lowercase glyphs.

Than some changes to the frac feature should be made.
Here's my frac (auto-generated from Glyphs) :

lookup FRAC {
sub slash by fraction;
lookup HOCH {
sub [zero one two three four five six seven eight nine] by [zero.numr one.numr two.numr three.numr four.numr five.numr six.numr seven.numr eight.numr nine.numr];
lookup TIEF {

Century Schoolbook - What's What?

I'm considering using Century Schoolbook for a book project and looking into the Century type family has left me a bit confused..

Whilst going through samples of different 'Century Schoolbook's in use and what's available here at school, there seems to be stark differences between some of the different Century Schoolbooks I've found. I.e. Bitstrem Century Schoolbook compared to Monotype Century Schoolbook looks very different in continuous text.

Looking around at the Typowiki and Wikpiedia page on Century didn't help either. Any information on the different 'Century Schoolbook's would be appreciated. (i.e. What was actually improved on in New Century Schoolbook if that was the cause behind the design?)