Perhaps this has been posted on before, but I'm not entirely sure.
I notice that often fonts get picked on for overuse (see Archer) yet somehow I notice that "Brothers" by Emigre gets used more and more and no one seems to notice. To quote the great Mugatu "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills over here!!!"

I understand that it is a very nice looking font that has become immensely popular even though it is over 15 years old. What bothers me is that it seems to be taking advantage of the fact that a client might not notice that their Microbrew label looks EXACTLY LIKE that other microbrew label. I even read a piece in a well-regarded logo book where a design firm claimed to find the "Logotype" from researching old shipping crates, when it is clearly BROTHERS!!!

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Emigre's Vendetta


I'm a big fan of Emigre's Vendetta, its ciselled look and calligraphic/venitian touch. I'm working on a project where I might get to used it and I would like to get a nice compagnon/s for it to be used for display, graphics, but eventually also captions and short text... maybe a geometric sans to contrast Vendetta but I'm very open

I came across two examples that i thought were interesting (slabs in this case) but once I've put them next to each other it didn't really drive me crazy. Moreover I haven't found available fonts close to them. I'm attaching previews if you don't feel like navigating away:

1) Mark Bally's Oberland http://www.marcbally.ch/oberland-slab-light/

The Late Spring 2011 Rejuvenation catalogue arrived a couple of days ago—covered in typographic fun. Someone there clearly knew what they were doing when they set up the shoot:

Wood letter print on the wall; Helvetica Forever, The Living Alphabet, and a pile of Emigres (Issue 32 on top) on the table (along with others in the stacks I don't recognize).

Good books and good lights, together.


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what's the font guys?
emigre n 70

Just saw this very recently released typeface. Can this really be thought of as derivative of Emigre's bestselling Mrs. Eaves?

Well... what do you all think? Priori Acute is a new addition to the Priori family. I have a client I'd like to create a logo with it for...

I love it and it fits their business perfectly,just curious about your thoughts on the font itself?

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