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Emigre's Vendetta


I'm a big fan of Emigre's Vendetta, its ciselled look and calligraphic/venitian touch. I'm working on a project where I might get to used it and I would like to get a nice compagnon/s for it to be used for display, graphics, but eventually also captions and short text... maybe a geometric sans to contrast Vendetta but I'm very open

I came across two examples that i thought were interesting (slabs in this case) but once I've put them next to each other it didn't really drive me crazy. Moreover I haven't found available fonts close to them. I'm attaching previews if you don't feel like navigating away:

1) Mark Bally's Oberland http://www.marcbally.ch/oberland-slab-light/

The Late Spring 2011 Rejuvenation catalogue arrived a couple of days ago—covered in typographic fun. Someone there clearly knew what they were doing when they set up the shoot:

Wood letter print on the wall; Helvetica Forever, The Living Alphabet, and a pile of Emigres (Issue 32 on top) on the table (along with others in the stacks I don't recognize).

Good books and good lights, together.


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what's the font guys?
emigre n 70

Just saw this very recently released typeface. Can this really be thought of as derivative of Emigre's bestselling Mrs. Eaves?

Well... what do you all think? Priori Acute is a new addition to the Priori family. I have a client I'd like to create a logo with it for...

I love it and it fits their business perfectly,just curious about your thoughts on the font itself?

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