system validation

Issue with font validation in Maverics


Hello! I just designed a dingbat font (all illustrations) and ran a test in Font Book in OS Maverics and it says "can not validate". I use FontLab 5.1.4 to generate. I don't have that problem when it's a letter font, only when I do an illustration one. It won't totally fine if you override and load it, no problems and computer still works fine. This problem does not exist on older OS versions.

"System Validation" error in Font Book after generating from FontLab


I have a family of fonts I'm building in FontLab. They are all using the same exact kerning data and kerning classes. For some reason, one of the fonts is giving me a "serious error" in Font Book that says there is a "System Validation" error, with no further details.

I've tried taking a .vfb file from one of the working fonts, copying over glyphs from the font that's giving me trouble, and generating again. Same error. I think I've pinpointed the problem to be something kerning/class related, as if I copy/paste glyphs that AREN'T in a class and generate the font, I don't get an error in Font Book. But once I copy glyphs that are in a kerning class, I start getting the error.