book text

Customer insist on bold text face


I am trying to design a book for a customer. It's non-fiction, perhaps one or two images, otherwise it's text with maybe two levels of hierarchy. The body text alternates between quoting from an old religious text and explanatory comments. Sometimes these alternations stretch over a page or more, sometimes they're only a line or two.

For the body text, the latest proposal was to alternate between normal and italic of the same type and weight, a solution which I found comfortable to read. Setting the old religious text a little "poem style" (indented, italic, ragged right) and the explanatory comment as just reading text (no indent, normal, justified) I found quite pleasing.

Book text


I am in the midst of choosing typefaces for a book, and I just need to get out of my own head for a bit! The book is a fairly large-format (9x12), with good production values. The subject matter is largely historical, with many vintage photographs along with a smaller number of new images. There are a few sections of text, along with extended captions for all the images. So I want highly legible, not too compressed, slight vintage feel, with lots of layout flexibility, and possibly/probably paired with Avenir Next (mainly in some maps or other graphics).